Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Lucky Bitch of the day: Jacqueline Bisset

It is obvious that Jacqueline Bisset is one of the worlds most beautiful women. I have not always been a great fan of her acting, but I certainly have been a fan of some of her roles. Bisset often seems to find a way to get some of the best looking men completely naked as she remains fully clothed. Jens Peter, Matt Lattanzi and Daniele Ciampi are three I am featuring, but there might be many more.

Not sure if Bisset is a dirty ole woman, or whether she just has a habit of picking great roles in which she gets to have hot men take their pants off for her. Funny two of the guys, Jens Peter and Daniele Ciampi were plucked as unknowns to strip for her, Lattanzi did some other roles, but none took off to be overly famous. Regardless of Bisset's motivation, I am thankful to her for showing us three of the best ass's on film.

Bisset's naked men #1 Matt Lattanzi

The first guy featured Bisset gets naked is the delicious Matt Lattanzi in 1981's Rich and Famous. Sorry for ALL the pics, but I have been enjoying them too much to edit any out. I am sure this scene was tough for ole Bisset, and I am sure given she was also a producer on the movie she had a hand in casting Lattanzi.

Bisset's naked men #2 Jens Peter

OMG Jens Peter. Bisset got him naked in 1990's Wild Orchid. Jens face and body are SO perfect he was the source of many dreams for me! Jens was a volleyball player who was chosen for this role and has done only a few tv appearances since. Researching him was tough so if anyone has anything new about the perfect Jens, please shoot me a line.

Bisset's naked men #3 Daniele Ciampi

In 1998's Dangerous Beauty, Bisset gets the pants off Daniele Ciampi. Daniele is credited simply as 'Naked Workman' and it is the only credit on his IMDB page. Not sure if he is an actor, but I am sure we all welcome him to remove his pants any time.

More Matt Lattanzi

Such an 80's hunk, but a fine one at that!

Matt in My Tutor.

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd