Thursday, December 8, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 9th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Total Support Pouch

'What’s one thing that I do every day? Put on my boxers!! So it’s important that my boxers are comfortable and provide support where I need it the most 😂.'

Many of you may remember my previous pieces, (HERE:)  spotlighting the eye-catching attributes of Big Brother Canada's Tychon.  Tychon won the 2021 Season 9 of the Canadian version of the show and last year, participated with his father on the Canadian version of The Amazing Race.

Along the way, Tychon has picked up a lot of supporters and fans and is in high demand for motivational speaking engagements.  He's also become a social media influencer, and although influencers usually mostly annoy me, I'll make an exception when Tychon is promoting Hanes underwear wearing an incredibly form fitting pair of boxer briefs. 

Although thanks to his appearance on Big Brother, and those pesky live feeds, we got a peak of what lies beneath those tight fitting boxer briefs... Tychon however looks great wearing anything, a casual suit, jeans or just a form fitting pair of pouch supporting boxer briefs!.

Quaternate: Cooks Photography

Last month, I featured the work of Hal Cooks, (Cooks Photography) and his work with the utlra-hot previous porn star Eric. While putting together the piece, I realised a Quaternate post was long overdue.  Hal's work was top on the list of Quaternate posts I've been planning, but they take a little time to research, so I usually end up putting them off until I have extra time.  Last weekend I did!

I first featured the work of Cooks Photography over six years ago, and continue to follow, and admire the visuals Hal creates. I often comment how some artists straddle an erotic boundaries, but Hal ignores boundaries and lines, unless of course, they are the long beautiful lines of the nude male body.  Hal captures incredibly exquisite long lines, not to mention creatively capturing every other part of the male anatomy.  

I'm also a big fan of Hal's holiday work which I featured on both Christmas and Halloween. I've never asked Hal exactly how many naked male buns have sat, straddled and posed with that particular wooden chair, but I' guess quite a few.  Let's just say that a slew of skin has interacted with that particular piece of hardwood.



2016 -2017 

Cooks Photography on Instagram | Twitter

Pump House: Koy by The Male Form By CP

Even with the word 'favorite' in the site's title, I still often hesitate to actually name them.  I love all the artists and models that I feature, it's the reason I reach out to them.  That being said, when you have a site like The Male Form By CP, with such a colossal collection of hot men, you can't help but have a few models that you're more drawn to than others.  

When I visit the site, there are about a half a dozen guys who's portfolio's usually I first check out..  Models whose portfolios I hope are updated with new images, and maybe even a new video.  So far,  The Male Form's Bryan has shared shoots with FH that have hit several of my most popular choices.

Definitely on that list is the incredibly hot Koy.  Koy has it all, a great body, toned from head to toe. Passionate about fitness, Koy clearly works hard, putting in the time to maintain his ripped physique.. Koy also has a classically handsome face that Bryan's camera really loves. Koy also knows how to interact with the camera with his his expressive eyes, and invitingly sensual poses.

Koy is a natural in front of the camera, even though he's chosen not to be deliberate with the modeling assignments he chooses to take. Given their long standing professional relationship, and how comfortable Koy feels during their shoots, Bryan is one of the only photographers that Koy has chosen to work with professionally. 

Like so many models, Koy's modeling is also a means to an end, and all those hours pumping iron in the gym, and time, showing off the results in the studio,  is about building his future.  For Koy,  the building is literal, as his earnings from modeling are all going towards a dream house he's going to be building himself.   In addition to his work with The Male Form By CP, you can also check out Koy on his Snapchat. (dswaggs16)