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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 16th

Artyom: A Walk in the Woods
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Happy Birthday today February 16th

Happy 42ndto Julian Fantechi

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Thespian Torsos

 Riverdale's Casey Cott posted this shot on his Instagram to celebrate his TV husband, Drew Ray Tanner's 29th birthday.

Prime Time Supporters: Joey Bragg

I love Kyra Sedgwick, she has such a warm and welcoming on-screen presence.  Because of this, I DVR'd a few episodes of her new ABC sit-com Call Your Mother.  The writing isn't really exception, nor is really that funny, but the premise is good and talent and personalities of the cast make up for bumps new shows always go through.  By the third or forth episode the writing and pacing seemed to be falling into place. 

Given I write FH, whenever I see an appealing actor in a new show, I have to check out his resume of skin.  This is especially fun when it's an actor I've not seen or heard of before.  This was certainly the case when I first saw actor Joey Bragg who plays Kyra's son  Freddie on the show.  Like Sedgwick, Bragg has a strong screen presence and a ton of energy in all of his scenes. 

Call Your Mother

Although I never watched it, some of you might have been introduced to the actor as a teen star on the Disney show Liv and Maddie.   I do love Dove Cameron, so might have to check it out as she played twin sisters in the series.  A quick search told me the adorable actor and stand-up comedian did indeed have a nude scene on his resume, something that seems almost a right of passage for Disney stars once they come of age and are no longer tied to the network.  Check out my caps below of a then 21 year old Bragg in 2018's Father Of The Year.

Joey Bragg on Instagram

Father Of The Year (2018)

When a drunken debate between two college graduates about whose father would win in a fight is taken seriously by their dads, jobs are lost, relationships ruined, and best friends come of age as they come to grips with the identity of their fathers.

'Hey Ben, I think there's an acorn hiding in your pubes...'

Artyom: Snezhnyy Den'

that moon, a numb hound’s tongue 
is there, frozen tight: that mouths 
like the forgers of coins’ – are 
stung, filled with lava of breathtaking ice.
Boris Pasternak

Last November, I featured model and artist Artyom and his imagery from a shoot on a crisp and colorful Autumn afternoon. (Beckoned by it's Mystery)  I am always fascinated by life in other parts of the world, especially countries that I've only known from art, literature and the news.  When I was growing up, it seemed every time I saw visuals from Russia it seemed to be snowing.  So many television series, movies and specials used winter footage to represent Russia. 

Like many other countries, Russia has four seasons.  Many Russians however, much like those in the North East of America, argue it often feels like there's only two, summer and winter.    Despite the frigid and barren visual's we've all seen, Russian winters have their majestic beauty, celebrated in many parts of the country through music and grand winter festivals.  After featuring Artyom's Autumn series, I thought a visual trip to Russia during the winter, would be a great way to follow-up.  

'Often in December, it rains all day, a cold wind blows, and the next day the temperature is already negative, ice on the roads. I remember as a child that I was lighter and during such periods it was difficult to fight the wind. On the ice I was carried where the wind was blowing. It's so funny.)))' 

In January, the weather is usually more stable. Freezing temperatures are more common, snow falls more often. he coldest winter month is February. February of this year was no exception. The average temperature during the day is about -10 degrees. Temperatures often drop below -20 degrees at night.

'Low temperatures are not a problem. Sun deficiency is the hardest thing to deal with. There are very few sunny days in winter St. Petersburg. The most appropriate word is not sunny days, but sun hours. For example, this year for the entire January, the sun made the residents of St. Petersburg happy for only 10 hours. Of course, we don't have polar nights, it's just that it's very cloudy in the street during the day, sunrise late and early sunset. '

Many FH remember first meeting Artyom through his connection with artist Stephan Tobias.(The Story Succession)  Stephan and his work inspired Artyom on his modeling journey and Stephan's work, and their friendship, has helped Artyom to grow as an artist and to overcome many of struggles and to deal with the many negative issues around the world.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic, Artyom and Stephan were not able to get together or shoot over the past year.  Despite this, while posing, he feels Stephan's presence, as well as his guidance and support. 

'I plucked a bouquet of Stephan's favorite wildflowers for you and hoped to give them to him. An irresistible force ruined our plans and the appointment did not happen. The flowers have already withered, it is cold and snow has fallen. I am keeping a bouquet for you. Time will pass and we will meet again.. Flowers will bloom again, and I'll be able to share them with Stephan in the future. '

Even with the cold, Artyom shares that Saint-Petersburgers are not discouraged by the sub-zero temperatures.  With winters of endless white, it's important to find hobbies and fun activities to help get you through the season.  There are always people out on the streets, no matter how cold it gets, especially in the city center.

'The townspeople find themselves entertainment for the weekend. People walk in parks, go skiing and skating. And when the weather is as cold as this year and all the rivers of the city are covered with ice, then you can go down to the surface of the ice and take unique photographs of the city that cannot be taken at normal times - unique views of the city from the middle of the river. It's hard to imagine, but some of my photos this year were taken on the surface of a forest lake.'