Monday, December 27, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 27th


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Seasonal Sightings


Immortal Form: End of the Seasonal Sightings

No, it's not the end of the winter seasonal sightings, winter really just officially began last week.  But... it is the end of the Santa season and the hotties in Santa hats.  When I was a kid, Christmas sort of started in late August or early September, whenever that huge Christmas Sears Wish Book arrived.  The countdown began, and like so many of you, I scoured the toy section in that catalogue hundreds of times over the next few months. 

The Christmas season then, ended when we had to go back to school.  Sure, my mother supervised the tree being de-decorating of the tree on January 1st, but the wreath on the front door, and a few decorations stayed up.  Not because my mother wanted them to, but because my siblings and I were stubborn, and relentless, about begging for a few to stay, at lease for another week or two.

So, today marks the end of FH's Santa Season, and there's no better strapping Santa to end with than delectable muscled Justin shot by Immortal Form. Dave sent on a few his holiday hotties that I featured just before Christmas, but I decided to leave these shots of Justin, in his Santa hat and bulging boxer briefs,  to close out the Christmas season. I know many already have put Christmas in the rear view mirror, but I'm going to miss the faux fur, the fleece, the felt and the half naked seasonal Santa studs!

FaVorites: Rick Wayne

I love showcasing vintage models and bodybuilders, especially men of color.  It is rare to find many nude physique models before the 1960's and 70's who were Black, Asian, Hispanic or Native American.  The risks to models who posed naked years ago were far greater decades ago, especially if you weren't white.  Modeling nude is just one of the many careers for Rick Wayne who is also a pop star, writer, publisher and talk show host.

Born in St. Luca in 1938, Wayne moved to England as a teenager in the 50's. Wayne served two years in the Royal Signals, most of the time in Yorkshire.  Upon returning to civilian life in London, Wayne was discovered singing in a club and went on to audition for record producer Joe Meek. 

Renamed Ricky Wayne (a combination of Ricky Nelson and John Wayne), he released a single, 'Hot Chickaroo"' which was produced by Meek. Although the single and its follow-ups were not commercial successes, Wayne established a singing career for several years and even had his own show on Radio Luxembourg.

During the 60's and 70's Wayne turned his focus to professional bodybuilding. A legend in the industry, Wayne won many titles including Mr. America, Mr. Europe and won the title of Mr. World and Mr. Universe multiple times.  After leaving competitive bodybuilding, Wayne took his experience lifting to author numerous books and articles on both bodybuilding and politics.   Wayne moved back to St. Luca in the 80's where he still lives and works out with his wife, also a bodybuilder. 

Rick & Jim

Rick by John Barrington

Rick by Jean Ferrero

Massaging Mr. Brooks

'My first massage is this incredibly gorgeous guy. Every time I see him, I want to do things to him I can't charge for.'

Some of you may remember that I was on a bit of a Friends kick in the fall, watching several episodes over the course of a few weeks.  It led me to do posts on both series star Matt LeBlanc, (HERE:) and guest star Michael Vartan. (HERE:) Another guest star on the sit-com motivated a post, one I finished a few months but put aside when I started my holiday themed posts. 

In The One With The Ballroom Dancing (S04E04) actor Jason Brooks plays Rick, a massage client that gets Phoebe in trouble.  It's not wonder Phoebe lost control, I'm sure many of us would be tempted to do what Phoebe did if Jason Brooks was on a table naked in front of us. 

Days of our Lives

Days of Our Lives Cast on Entertainment Tonight

'Did you just bite me?'


As soon as Jason appeared on the show I knew that I knew who he was.  I never watched Baywatch however, or Days of our Lives when Brooks was on, but was still familiar with his handsome face from magazines and commercials, and his appearance in Playgirl.