Monday, June 30, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 1st

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian viewers of FH!

-See more...or less, of the Canadian flag below-

Happy Birthday today July 1st

Happy 44th to actor Henry Simmons!

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NYPD Blue (hoping for some better caps when Henry's season has it's DVD release)

Man Up

R.I.P Meshach Taylor

Actor Meshach Taylor turned a one episode guest stint into a career making role. I remember enough of watching Designing Women as a kid to have me hunt it down when it finally came out on DVD. I have not gotten all the way through yet, (and plan to stop at Smart and Burke's departures) but even with the dud episodes, there are enough really funny ones to keep me going. Anthony Bouvier came very close at times to being a sit-com stereotype. Taylor however straddled that line with skill and comedic timing that turned what could have been a throw away character into an important part of the show. Taylor's biggest gift was his ability to create great chemistry, forming important and distinct relationships with each of his female co-stars. His relationship with Delta Burke's Suzanne was one of the show's most popular pairings, but he zig and zagged well with all of the ladies. R.I.P Anthony.

Happy Canada Day!

Canada has always been fairly progressive with gay rights.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens have been serving in the Canadian Forces, free from harassment and discrimination, since 1992. Canada also became the fourth country in the world, and the first country outside Europe, to legalize same sex marriage nation wide in 2005.  This past weekend, Toronto head the forth World Pride celebrations and parade. The next to be held in Madrid in 2017.

With all this pride, it makes sense that drooling over a little Canadian grade A beef would also be something celebrated north of the border. Back in 2003, Canada;s Bravo channel began looking for ordinary Canadian men, 21 and older, for their first (and I think sadly only) edition of Strip Search Canada. Given it is Canada Day, what better time than to look back at the men who went on to form the shows end troupe, Canadian Thunder.

Although the show narrowed the field down to just 8, most of the series was about the 100's of other guys across the country, auditioning, dancing and thrusting their way to eventual elimination.

I think Bobby Ryan (above) was a fan favorite, but I really loved Vincent (below). Vincent had that goofy, ordinary guy appeal with a smile that lit up the screen. If you check out the old youtube of his audition it is interesting (and rather erotic) VIncent's audition strip took place in his families backyard with many of his buddies, relatives and his dad and mom looking, and cheering him on.

All Images Above via Kevin T. Gilbert

Of course, one of the staples of any male strip show has to be the first wax. Eyecons has a great selection of images from that show, plus video! Click on the Strip Search Tag to see more from the show. Click HERE:

Olivier Sylvestre - Artiste de cirque

Given it is Canada Day, I thought it fitting to post about a certain Canadian who has been on my mind lately. Circus has been a theme on FH many times, and the male form combined with circus is a favorite subject of mine to explore and feature. Thanks to a blog reader, I was turned on to an story about the Montreal Circus school and one of it's hottest artists Olivier Sylvestre.

Born in the area of Mauricie, Qu├ębec, Olivier developed his acrobatics with 12 years of experience with artistic gymnastics. Olivier decided to widen his horizon by visiting other art forms such as theatre. At the age of 18, he decided to link his love for arts with performance, and went for the auditions at the National Circus School of Montreal. Specializing in rope and German Wheel, Olivier is now playing a large part of the 2014 promotion for the school. No wonder, his good looks and circus artistry would make anyone want to s'enfuir et rejoindre le cirque!

Images above via Roland Lorente

Images below via Lourdes Lopez