Saturday, May 8, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 9th

His Girlfriend's Mother by Achillias
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'Thanks for helping me bloom!'

Happy Mother's Day 🌻 to all those celebrating, together or virtually with their mother's today.  

Special thoughts to all those who have lost their mothers, never really had one, or had a mother who just wasn't able to meet your needs.  I know this day can be particularly poignant for you.  These flowers, and the hottie holding them, are especially for you.

Mother's Nature

Although my dad used to often call my mom 'mother', I'm not really a fan of sexualizing family relationships.   Yeah, I know many photographers, especially those shooting twins, love to sexualize the relationship through art.  Even when well done however, it's just not my thing..  Maybe it's my line of work, but I've seen the impact of dysfunctional family boundaries, and there's really nothing sexy about it...

That being said, this is FH, and in my quest to weave each and every holiday with hot naked men, I had to find a way.  That's why, this, like past Mother's Days on the site, the visuals and stories are focused not on our own, but other people's mothers.  Mother-in-laws, the mothers of our best friends, our girl friends mothers, and various other hot MILFS from movies and media. 

My mother used to love romance novels, and our home was filled with piles of books, often with some pretty racy covers.  Those visuals of beautiful women with often shirtless handsome men, were a big part of my childhood.

Given hot and often horney women are in focus, it's not a surprise my 'mother's day' pieces also include a lot of CFNM themed imagery.  Although I enjoy a great CMNM shot, there's is something especially fascinating to me about CFNM images.

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Den Mother

You were sure she wasn't coming....   

Sure, Sheila usually chaperoned most of the teams road games, but you didn't expect her on this particular trip.  Recently separated from her husband, the team's assistance coach, you would have bet she would have stayed at home. Add to that, her son, and your best friend, wasn't going be in the net as goalie for this finals tournament.  He was back at home laid up with a knee injury. Why wasn't she home taking care of him?  

There she was though, standing too greet you, a big smile on her face when you arrived to get on the bus.  You feel her eyes on you the entire trip, even without turning back to look.  To top it off, you ended up with a motel room all to yourself, something that rarely happens on road trips.  If you didn't already know she planned it, it was confirmed when she followed you into the elevator. She didn't ask, but simply stated that after she got the rest of the team settled in, she'd be up for a visit.  She smiled again and told you to be ready.  Head on up to room 118 on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Achillias: Facing the Consequences

Floris tried everything to get out of it.  He pleaded desperately with his girlfriend, but there was no other way. It was time to face the music, and his girlfriend's furious mother...

It started the day his girlfriend Kara first introduced them.  She'd warned him that her mother was a bitch, but he thought he could charm her.  He was wrong.  Christina wasn't the kind to be charmed and she didn't suffer fools.  Having raised Kara on her own, after years of her husband's verbal abuse and cheating, she could spot a man whore a mile away.

Christina warned Floris that first night over dinner.  She didn't mince words, she let him know clearly that if he hurt her daughter, she'd make him pay, hard.  Floris could usually flirt himself out of any situation, but there was no getting around Christina.  Whenever they were together, she looked right through him, she knew when he was bullshitting, and always called him out.

Christina knew Floris cheated on her daughter even before Kara had a clue.  Christina also knew Kara would never leave him, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to try.  When she confronted the couple with the truth, true to form Kara stuck by her man.  Sure she was hurt and angry, but her love and blind devotion to Floris didn't waiver.

Christina had expected this, but wasn't planning on letting Floris off the hook.  She had a plan, and laid it out to Floris and Kara.  Christina was screwed, and no matter which option they chose, she be in the winner's seat.

'Kara, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  If you want to give me a gift, and f you insist on staying with this cheating loser, than as your mother... I'll be the one to dole out the punishment to the filthy lying bastard.'

Both Floris and Kara new what her punishment would be, she told him constantly, how he deserved to be put over knee and spanked.  They also knew, she wasn't joking.  Christina gave them a day to think about it, but warned them that if Floris didn't show up at her condo the following afternoon, Kara would be cut off forever.

Christina held all the cards.  Kara was sweet, but not really that smart.  She been living off her mother's fortune all of her life.  Christina paid for her rent, her clothes, her tips and spending money and for the last year and half, was also supporting Floris.  Floris had a bright future, but as student, had no money of his own.  His family had no money and he only was only in medical school because Christina called in a few favors and offered to pay his tuition.  He lived in Kara's condo and everything he eat, wore or possessed was paid by her mother.

The Saturday night before Mother's Day was a tense one for Kara and Floris.  They talked, argued and yelled their way through each and every option.  It was really just a waste of time.  Although they 'pretended' to come to a decision, they'd both known from the beginning that there was only really one choice.  Floris had to face the music, and face Christina the following afternoon.

As directed, Floris called called Christina the following morning, and informed her he'd be there.  He could feel Christina's satisfaction through the phone.  She told him him to be there at 2pm sharp,gave him his instructions, and to keep his mouth shut and face the consequences of his actions.

Except for Christina's 'Come In'  after his knock on the door, there were no words exchanged Floris arrived.  He knew he had to walk in, strip naked in front of her, and take her wrath, and her hand.  Floris anticipated a little pain, and a lot of humiliation, what he didn't expect however, was how turned on he'd become. 

Floris felt his erection pop up the moment Christina's had first hit his ass, and only intensified as his punishment went on.  Christina felt it as well and it only added to the intensity of her smacks, and her enjoyment of his moans.  

When it was finally over, Floris crawled over to where he dropped his clothes.  Christina snapped at him to stop, and told him to pick them up and get out.  She said he could get dressed out in the hallway.  As Floris was leaving, Christina said she' hoped he'd learned his lesson, and that this would be the last time she'd have to dole out a punishment.  Both knew of course, that this was just the first many future consequence inspired encounters. 

A big thanks to Achillias to brining Floris and Christina's story to life!  Given his excellence with visual storytelling, I knew Achillias was the perfect artist to capture the 'spirit' of Christina's Mother's Day revenge.