Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 13th

Brandon Jones by Chris Teel
-See part two of Chris' work with Brandon below-

Happy Birthday today August 13th to:

I have fond memories of getting home from school in the late eighties to check out Hank Cheyne on 'Another World' Hank turns 47 today.

Check out more of Hank and fellow birthday boys Sebastian Stan, Lorenzo Crespi & John Slattery HERE:, Álex González HERE: & Moritz Bleibtreu.

Just Because: Bert & Ernie

Personally I am glad Bert & Ernie are remaining ambiguous about their sexuality. I don't need them outed. I know they are most likely gay. The fact writers of one of the most influential children's television program wrote them, so that many people think they are gay, is powerful enough for me.

Those who read FH on a regular basis know I am not a fan of outing. (With the exception of those demonstrating extreme hypocrisy). I am all for supporting, nudging and even pushing if needed ,but that should be coming from their friends not strangers on the Internet. If Elmo and Grover are OK with how their friends live their lives so should we.

Now the explanation that the Muppet's don't have sexual orientation is bull, we all know that. Many of the characters have had crushes on one another. You can't however use Piggy's lust for Kermie as an example as their love occurred mostly on the more adult oriented Muppet Show. Speaking of The Muppet Show, my guess is the producers of that show might be more likely to reveal that there were more than feathers boas and glitter in that backstage closet...

Buh-bye Big Brother

Big Brother has been a bit of roller coaster ride this summer. I decided not to watch because of the 'Dick'. I decided to give it a try because he exited the show before it really began. I got annoyed at the producers giving us a retread of the past several years with some of the most annoying players in BB history, and then got just a little interested because of Dominic providing a bit of eye candy.

Last nights show was my last of the summer and this post is my last for the year. It has been obvious since season two the producers play a hand in what happens. I have always taken that into account and like most 'reality' TV know that that is a part of it, but still enjoy aspects of the show.

Last night was simply too much for me. The manipulations were simply far to extreme and far too obvious. What is most scary to me is that even though I know I am right, I also know they are as well. The more pathetic this show gets with silly twists and annoying returning players. The more scripted this reality show becomes the more America seems to love it and the ratings shoot up...unreal!

Inside: Brandon Jones by Chris Teel

Brandon Jones by Chris Teel
-Part Deux-

After being chased away by an angry business owner while shooting outside, (Outside) photographer Chris Teel and model Brandon Jones wisely moved inside to complete their work. In the first part of this series I described how beautifully Chris captured Brandon's incredible body and dramatic look. With these images, Chris captures a more vulnerable and erotic feel. Chris always manages to capture such intensely intimate moments, even with models like Brandon, who are just starting out in the business.

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