Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 26th

Whenever I have had a crazy day like today and don't have a lot of posting time, I know I can never go wrong with a pic of Bryan Thomas. So hot!

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 26th Peter Facinelli

I am a huge fan of actor Peter Facinelli who is getting much deserved attention for his role in 'Twilight'. Peter is an amazing looking man, so different than the usual tv hunk, he really has something special. I also think he is a great actor who did a fantastic job on 'Damages' and was a highlight of that show for me. Peter turns 35 today.

Also Celebrating today November 26th

Also celebrating today November 26th

Czech Republic athlete Roman Ć ebrle who competes in decathlon and heptathlon turns 34 today.

Skater John Zimmerman turns 35 today. (Search the blog for many more pictures of John, who is one of my favorite skaters).

Canadian hottie Adam Harrington turns 36 today.

Below, Adam in 'Out of Order'.

Below, Adam in 'Show Me Yours'.