Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 24th

Fabien by macpics
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Touch Screen

Hey CBS....

Lest we forget....

No shade on Ozzy, because I love me some Ozzy, but one can't help but wonder if 'Noah's' porn past (or lying on his application) was really the reason.  Ozzy got a blow job, had sex, a foursome, and some naked chocolate pudding wresting on camera, but was invited back on Survivor multiple times.

Noah had sex on camera, with boy men and women, but unlike Ozzy, who performed for a studio geared to straight men, Noah worked for a studio geared towards gay men.  Just so you know CBS, we see it, even if you won't acknowledge it.

Quel Dommage: Fabien by macpics

'What initially attracted me to Fabien were his unconventional good looks, his charming smile and his lean, defined figure.'

For me, unconventional sexiness is always especially hot.  This is especially so, when the person isn't necessarily aware of the potency of their persona.  In addition to his charm, his smile and his lean, defined physique, I suspect Fabien's French accent also played a role in Ian's wanting to get him out of his clothes, and in front of his camera.

'Fabien's accent made me melt, I could have listened to him talk the entire shoot.  It was his first time posing nude, and while he was a little stiff in the beginning, he was perfectly willing to do what was needed, and followed my suggestions for shots and poses.'

Because of Fabien's sexy accent, Ian kept him chatting most of the shoot, discussing many topics and interests the two had in common.  Ian felt they got on well, and made a connection and when the shoot was over, and Fabien's clothes were back on, Ian asked him about a second shoot.  Fabien eagerly agreed, and a date and time were planned.

For the second shoot, Fabien surprised Ian by showing up with another model.  He brought the model, hoping Ian would be up for doing an erotic shoot with the two of them together.  Ian agreed, but sadly this time, Fabien showed little interest in conversing with Ian, and spent the entire shoot flirting with, and using his accent and charms to impress the other model... 

Suddenly he must have lost interest in contact with me because he went silent and avoided me. Quel dommage. All of his attention was now elsewhere.  Although it was Fabien's unconventional sexiness that initially had Ian wanting to shoot him, it was the accent, that led Ian to agree to a second shoot.  Although Fabien did ask, Ian decided two was the charm and a third, wasn't scheduled.

Good Ol' Boys

Just the good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm

Working on FH, I've featured a diverse selection of men from all walks of life.  I've featured many country boys, cowboys and farmers, but there is a difference between being a country, and being thought of as a good ol' boy.

Good Ol' Boys
A Southern born boy who is country to the core. He likes to hunt and could not be prouder of his gun collection. He carries one knife in his pocket and another in his boot, in case the one in his pocket gets confiscated. Usually drives a truck and listens to country. A hard working, honest gentleman, who prefers the simple life and is just looking for a girl or boy he can take shootin'.

Good Ol' Boys often get a bad wrap, and we all know the offensive nicknames they've been given.  Some of this has been well earned, especially in the time of Trump, but like every label we give other humans, stereotypes are never really helpful.

I grew up in the city, but moved more rurally when I was in my mid-twenties.  I've met many good ol' boys, and most of them have been kind and caring.  Sure, I've encountered a few ass holes, but no more or no less than I've encountered in every other area of my life.

I'm not a big fan of hunting, but living in the country, I also understand it's place and purpose.  I'm not a big fan of guns, but I also understand their place in rural life.  I don't think I could every kill an animal myself, but given I do eat meat, don't want to be a hypocrite.

So why the focus on good ol' boys?  Well, like most of my pieces, it began with a visual, an image.  If you scroll down, it's the image at the very bottom of this post. I loved the shot, especially the curve of the guys back and butt.  I was going to use the images as a 'one shot' post, but before long, I was googling 'hot naked good ole' boys.  Not surprisingly, images, sites and tumblrs focused on men in and out of plaid were plentiful!