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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

Kenny by TR Pics
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Happy Birthday today March 8th

Happy 51st to actor Boris Kodjoe!

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Minor Adjustments:

Spine, by Design

Sometimes the hottest, and most interesting favorite hunks are introduced to me by readers of the site.  One particular reader introduced me to the hottness of Ola Rapace, as well as several other subjects I've featured over the years.  This time, he really put his back into it by suggesting I check out the videos and social media pages featuring chiropractor Tyler Bigenho.

I quickly fell in lust with Dr. Tyler, as I'm sure many of his patients have as well.  After watching some of his videos, I'm not sure I could keep my bone aligned if the good doctor was giving me a massage, or bending over giving me one of his magic hug adjustments. 

'Tyler combines the power of chiropractic adjustments and manual work via massage to offer a deeper, more effective treatment to pain management for his patients.'

Dr.Tyler seems to embrace his sex appeal, and the erotic component to his very serious work. If you check out his YouTube Page, the ecstatic sounds of patients having their pain relieved is similar to other  ecstatic sounds one might be familiar with.  You can catch Dr. Tyler at work on his YouTube or Instagram page, but the video below actually features the healing hands of Dr. Kyle Hemsley working on the good doctor himself.

Branson's Backside

When I first start watching Downton Abbey on PBS, I was all about Matthew.  I loved Dan Stevens, and the love story of Mary and Matthew.  When Stevens left the show, although my interest certainly waned, the characters of Mary, Edith, Anna, Barrow and Branson kept me tuning in. 

Although the show was rooted in family, there weren't a lot of sex or scenes of skin.  The spiciest the show got was the episode with Mr. Pamuk, which introduced most of us to actor Theo James.  I think when it came to the main cast members, we might have gotten one or two quick shirtless scenes, but nothing really to write home about.


Those of us who enjoyed Allen Leech as Branson always hoped to see more of what was under those tweed clothes and driving pants, but alas, only poor Sybil had the pleasure.   You could tell though, that Branson had a thick behind, and thankfully, Leech finally gave us a peak in the new Channel 5 series Too Good to be True. 

Too Good to be True

Using What Was Given: Kenny by TR Pics

'Working with Tom makes you feel good about yourself!'

Although FH is about spotlighting artists and models that I respect and enjoy, I've also learned a lot about their motivations.  When you look at photographers and models who shoot primarily for others, being hired for advertisements and campaign's, the motivation is clear.  It's about money and creating imagery that will stimulate the viewers.   Not just visual stimulation, that wouldn't be enough, it must also stimulate them financially, at least enough to have them pull out their credit card.

When however, you create and shoot primarily for passion, the goal for the artist, model and viewer is the same, simple and pure enjoyment.  This is one of the reasons I love featuring the work of Tom from TR Pics.  Tom loves the process, and the joy of creating hot images that viewers will enjoy.  It's not that money isn't important, or a part of Tom's work, it's just not the primary factor in what and who he decides to shoot.

This not only allows Tom to shoot without boundaries, it also means he and the models he chooses to work with can enjoy the process.  One model that I know enjoys the process is Kenny, and I knew it the first time Tom shares images from their work together.  When Tom sent on a selection of captivating Cupid's this past Valentine's, Kenny was one of the arrow aiming hotties.  

In addition to his great body and smiling face, I loved how much fun Kenny seemed to be having in front of Tom's Lens.  Although I wanted to use the shots, I set them aside and asked Tom about featuring Kenny in a spotlight of his own.  Happily, both Tom and Kenny were on board.  Kenny also answered all my pesky questions about what he loves about modeling and his work with Tom.

When did you start modeling? 
Off and on for about 15 years. 

What motivated you to being? 
I wanted to get into the entertainment / acting business. Modeling seems like a selling point. 

Did you always plan to model nude, or did that come later? 
It came later. I started out doing shoots dressed holiday characters like a Christmas elf, Cupid and many others.

Were you nervous posting nudes on-line? 
No, the body is art. 

What was the best reaction or compliment you received from one of your images? 
How comfortable I look with my body, Expressing myself 

What is your favorite part about modeling? 
The attention. Also, its like an escape from the real world. An opportunity to be someone you are not on a normal day to day basis. 

Do you have any boundaries for shoots, or are you up for anything? 
No boundaries. I’m pretty much open to anything. 

Have you ever had a photographer suggest a concept you said no to? 
Not yet……..LOL 

If you could choose a dream scenario for a shoot, what would it be? 
Naked in public; sex in public 

How has your height impacted your work? 
Its impacted me in a positive way. Use what was given to you!

Do you ever feel pigeonholed into doing certain characters, or do you embrace it and have fun? 
I embrace them. I always try to have fun with anything I do. 

How did you connect with Tom? 
Through a Facebook group. I was looking for a photographer and someone suggested contacting him on his Instagram page. 

What was working with Tom like? 
I Love working with him. He’s amazing, sweet, very talented. 

What is the best part about working with Tom? 
Working with Tom makes you feel good about yourself! He’s open minded.