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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 23rd

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A Pilgrim Pursuit

'This founding father really had something to be thankful for....'

When visually celebrating Thanksgiving, I usually try to avoid featuring images depicting  Native Americans and Pilgrims.  Like many holiday history's, the real story is often much different than the revisionist version created to to make feel good about as they sit down for their turkey and stuffing.

Truth is, most holidays are really about gratitude and grace, and celebrating with those you care about. The rest... is mostly mass media produced crap to make money and sell stuff most of us don't really want or need.  I don't mean to sound cynical, I love holidays, all of them, but I'm keenly aware of how capitalism and commercialism has corrupted most of the original meaning behind them.

I have made a few exceptions, not for commercial reasons, my motives, as you can probably guess... were more carnally based . One of those times was a few years ago when I featured the 1995 Playgirl pictorial, The Passionate Pilgrim. (HERE:)  

I was certainly carnally captivated by model Wade West, the blonde pilgrim in the pictorial.  I commented at the time how surprised I was that this was only appearance in the magazine.  Given his level of hotness, Playgirl really should have brought him back for a full centerfold feature.  It's possible they didn't, because another publication focused on the male form beat them to it.  Check out Wade's feature in another magazine devoted to the nude male form on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Decadent Display

'When a guest sits down there should be something beautiful and inspiring to look at.'
Annie Falk

I'm not sure the Pilgrim's worried that much about table décor, it's possible, given the era, there wasn't actually a table.  The fable indicates they sat down, blessed their food, and then served the many prepared dishes. It's more likely, the food was set out on every available flat surface: boxes, benches, flat rocks and tree stumps

Today however, the table setting has become as important as the secret ingredients in the stuffing.  In my family, there really wasn't anything close to table décor.  The table was set, but in the centerpiece was usually just the dish for the cranberry sauce and the salt and pepper shakers. 

When I got older, my mom might have added a few gourds, but they were always removed as we sat down, to make room for... .the dish for the cranberry sauce and the salt and pepper shakers.  I'm still not big on centerpieces, they just take up room and block views, but I do try to add a few candles, and maybe a seasonal bouquet if I happen to have had time to pick one up.

I wish I was as creative as Jim from Studio1x, who ensured the Pilgrims and their guests had a centerpiece that not only inspired, but wet the appetite and provided a great focus for conversation.  Given Thanksgiving can be so stressful, especially with family members you often haven't seen for awhile, a hot naked man would make the perfect stress reliever and conversation starter!  Bon Appétit!

Luke G: Susurrous

Susurrous: From the Latin noun susurrus, meaning 'a hum' or 'a whisper.'

When it comes to Autumn, it's usually our visual senses that are initially tingled.  Mother nature begins her transformation, even before we're even aware.  If you pay close attention, you can see the beginnings of Autumn as early as mid to late July.

Many leaves begin their colorful changes in August, with leaf peepers starting their tours in September, all the way through December, depending on where you live.  Once the visual has set in, we feel the change in the air, the coolness, the subtle changes in the wind and the earlier arrival of darkness each evening.

Next comes the smell, Autumn leaves, especially when wet, have a distinctive smell that anyone who's walked in the woods, or jumped in a pile of leaves knows very well. Visiting a farm market is an especially aromatic experience, with the various vegetable and fruit fragrances, especially from the ripe apples.   In addition to the natural smells, there are the man-made scents of Autumn, those manufactured sweet smells in coffees and candles of apple pie and pumpkin spice. 

The last sense hit but Autumn's arrival is usually that of sound.  Once leaves have been on the ground for awhile, they begin to harden and disintegrate.   On windy days, the sound of dry crisp leaves rolling down the street is like a dance orchestrated by the sounds as they roll along the pavement, hitting objects along the way.

 Autumn isn't officially over until December 21st, but in many ways, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the end.  Meteorological winter actually begins December 1st.  The snow in many areas has already begun to fall, in some areas, winter has already struck, and hard.  It's time for Seasonal Sightings on FH to morph from yellow and orange to a blanket of white.

This is the last Autumn series taken by model and artist Luke G. for FH, but Luke let me know last night, that winter images, will soon be on their way.  I'm always excited and grateful whenever Luke shares his work, and always amazed and impressed at his ability to withstand the elements on his naked skin to create such magnificent and inspiring visuals.  Thank you Luke!

Gonads & Gourds: Zilo by Lights On Studio

'I love holidays theme shoots, holidays are always so sexy for some reason....'

I know exactly what Zilo means, it's one of the reasons I love celebrating holidays on FH.  There's something almost primal about the holidays, something that has us craving food, fun and fornication.  Who doesn't love a copulation Christmas, a Halloween hump, and Easter erection or a Thanksgiving tryst.  Holidays can also be so stressful that we all need to channel all our pent up emotions. It's important to both control and direct our eruptions in a fun and positive direction. 

When I first introduced Ziol's work with Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) last month, most of the narrative originated from Tom, as well as my own commentary about the images.  For Thanksgiving, I decided we should go around the table, and hear from Zilo, about his modeling and his experience fondling his gourds for a FH holiday themed shoot.

What led you start modeling? 
I started because I love feeling like an important piece of something, 

Why nude modeling? 
I believe that the nude body is beautiful and people should not be so afraid of showing it off. Modeling nude also led to many more gigs. 😅

Were you nervous before your first nude shoot? 
I was very nervous at first but the more I did it, the more comfortable I became. 

Do you have any funny, scary, odd stories from any shoots? 
Oh I have some nightmare shoots where bad stuff went down for sure...

What is your favorite part about modeling? 
My favorite part is my satisfaction after a shoot. A positive shoot experience has be believing I could be successful.

How did you connect with Tom
Tom contacted me on Model Mayhem

Did you talk much first about concepts or just jump in? 
We talked about concepts and what shots I would like to try. Tom made sure I was comfortable 

Did you mind having Tom's assistant Karah in the studio? 
I loved Karah being around.  She was funny and put me at ease 

What was your favorite part about the shoot and working with Tom?
My favorite part was between takes. I loved listening to Tom and Karah discuss ideas and figuring out the lights. It was easy going and we were just talking and cracking jokes.

What did you think of the finished images? 
I love the results I have my new favorite picture of myself 😁 (HERE:

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