Sunday, August 14, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 15th

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Happy Birthday today August 15th

One of these super studs turns 44 today.

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Road To Rio

The image above comes from the first piece I did featuring Olympian Michael Phelps back in 2008. (HERE:)  Since that piece, I covered, an uncovered Phelps whenever there was a hot shot, a peak of butt crack or a nude shoot for ESPN's Body Issue.

With so many great Phelps shots out there, I think the image below has to be one of my favorites. Phelps and his USA teammates celebrate after winning gold in men's 4x100.  The event was Phelps' final event in Rio and his 23rd gold medal. Great shot, and great (and enjoyable...) position for the camera person.

Can You Feel It?

'For an artist working in the room with the nude model, an unexpected erection is a minor inconvenience. When drawing from life you start with the big stuff and always leave "the details" for last.'

Most models who take jobs modeling nude for art classes report that they get over the 'being naked' part pretty quickly.  Of course there are nerves, especially the first time, but once they drop their robe, it becomes about staying focused and maintaining the pose.  What if however... the students didn't draw you, didn't just look, but also touched....

What if your students were older, what if they were visually impaired, even blind.  Would you be able to stay focused if the first half of the class was about memorising your body into their minds through feeling every inch of it.  Feeling for size, muscle mass, texture and girth.  Then, as they sketch away, the instructor reminds them of your dimensions by describing your body, and your body parts to students as they work on their creations.

Heat Wave: Blake by Richard Rothstein

Beat the Heat...

One of the most incessant aspects of a heat wave is it's relentlessness. Unless you in live in air conditioning, the heat beats against your body, and sometimes into your spirit 24/7. On some summer nights, nights bring a break with cool breezes and slightly lower temperatures. During a heat wave, the evenings and nights can actually be the hardest with high humidity and bedrooms that fight hard to keep sleep at bay.

It is on those nights when the ocean calls.  Lakes and pools often let you down on a hot summer's night.  They may look cool and refreshing, but they tease.  No matter how hot the air temperature may get though, the ocean never fails to refresh and revive a tired and sweaty body.

'No matter how hot, even when it's pushing 108 Fahrenheit, the city that never sleeps has its beaches. Still blazing hot, but with water, sand and dreams.'

A recent trip to Richard Rothstein's Instagram didn't exactly cool me down.  Just the opposite in fact, especially after seeing Richard's shots of model Blake Hunter frolicking in the ocean in his wet Calvin's  Blake beautifully seizes the moment and firmly holds his own against the dark pounding ocean and brilliantly imposing night sky that surround him.

Where I live and go to bed each night it's been hotter, and more humid, that normal for most of the last month.  Although I had been looking for a bit of a reprieve, Richard's work with Blake has me hoping the heat wave lasts just a little longer.

Richard's shots of Blake for this piece focus on the night portion of the shoot.  I loved the night sky and how Blake's body, skin and Calvin's look in contrast with the night sky and ocean.  Their shoot however, began early in the day.  If you want to see more of Blake cooling down, in the late afternoon and evening, check out more from this series on The OVER-FLOW HERE: