Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 30th

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Happy Birthday today May 30th

Happy 57th to Ted McGinley!

Above, Ted dressed up for GQ  in 1980 and below, undressed in Physical Evidence (1989)

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Heating Up

If you happen to be watching Masterchef, you will undoubtedly have noticed contestant Dan Collado. Dan won the mystery box challenge on this weeks episode making him an early front runner. Gorgeous, and great in the kitchen, what more could you ask for?

Above: Daniel C by Michael Dar

Corpus evanescente: Matt by AANE Photography

Since discovering Mike, (AANE Photography) and the arousing assortment of men he has captured, we were fortunate to be able to join the Pennsylvania photographer on two of his many excursions. The first, a trip to St. Louis with his incredibly hot work with  B-Rad.  This was followed up by a Jaunt to Johannesburg with his images of  beautiful South African model Kyros.  Mike's next journey, although a little bit closer to home, was not without it's own adventures.

Mike had put out a casting call for underwear models and one of the models to answer his call was Matt. At over 6 feet tall, Matt's tall lean body, blonde hair and great face and mouth, made him the perfect model for the shoot. Sometimes some of the best results come from unexpected problems and stumbling blocks. For Mike's first shoot with Matt, that proved to be the case. Car issues almost ended the shoot before it began, but eventually, Matt got to Mike's studio, stripped down to a variety of various colored briefs and boxers and, as you can see by these images, the sexy results that followed.

Once down to his undies, Matt got more comfortable as they shoot progressed. Matt was curious about the process for having some implied and nudes taken, so near the end of the first shoot, Mike agreed. So off came the skivvies for the next part of the shoot. Once the images were edited and sent back to Matt, he intimately posted them on his social media pages, but then quickly took them down. Although the shots posted were not full nudes, Mike thought perhaps Matt was having second thoughts, or was worried about his friends or family seeing the images. The proved not to be the case.

In fact, a week or so later Matt called asking about doing another shoot, this time wanting to take things even further. The experience of his first time modeling nude, along with the response, not to mention the reparation... inspired the gym instructor to want to get back in front of Mike's camera. Plans were made, a date was set but again, sadly an obstacle again arose. This one Matt couldn't control and the shoot had to be put on hold. Given the great results of the first shoot, hopefully the planned second will occur when Matt is available.

Obstacles aside, one of the positive results of that first shoot were hundreds of great images of Matt. For his part, Mike says Matt was one of the best models he had shot in awhile, curious, creative and a natural in front of the camera. Being one of the best meant Mike chose to include Matt in his latest venture, mɛn. mɛn is the new compilation book Mike has lovingly put together featuring the hottest shots of six of his favorite models. Three of the models are exclusive, never before having appeared in print. All six, including Matt and B-Rad, from my first piece on Mike's work, appear full frontal in more intimate images than they appeared on FH.

At close to 90 pages, mɛn brings together the raw and incredibly erotic imagery from AANE Photography along with the photo retouching work provided by THOM Graphophoton.  You can buy the book in soft of hard cover, or buy the low priced pdf downloadable edition!  You can preview mɛn on blurb HERE:  Raw may be used sometimes to refer to something 'unfinished,' but for Mike and THOM Graphophoton, raw is definitely used with intention and it's visually erotic effect.

'At THOM Graphophoton, in conjunction with AANE Photography, we revisit the era when photographs did not just mean clarity for it could also be hazy. Not always centered, for asymmetry may mean novelty. And sometimes, the imperfection is what is perfect. Photography is first and foremost, an art form.'

In 2014 Mike began photographing men. To remind himself what strippers tell men, "puede mirar no puede tocar," he named his photography studio AANE Photography. AANE comes from "Ang Asawa Ni Edeng," which is Tagalog for "the husband of Edeng," Fred's childhood nickname. Mike has been married to his husband Fred since 1997. Fred loves to tell others the wedding was a little Sex In The City as like Carrie and Big, it was a lavish and elegant Manhattan event. If you haven't gathered, the partnership is both personal and professional with Fred being the man behind THOM Graphophoton, THOM coming from The Husband OMike.

-Behind The Scenes-

Keeping with my Behind The Scenes theme, I love when pets enter into shots. Having owned many cats and dogs, I know one of their goals is always to remain the center of attention! That is why why, cats especially, love to dance on key boards, require extra affection when your busy or on the phone, and slide nonchalantly into shot, interacting with that pesky model who annoyingly seems to be getting the lions share of their owners attention at the moment...

Timothy for Gregg Homme

Timothy barely wearing the sexy and colorful styles of Gregg Homme

You have to love an underwear collection in which one of the categories is See Through...

From the Jon Snow Collection?