Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

Seth by Carolina Freelance
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Happy Birthday today January 28th to:

All boy band members must grow up sometime...
Joey Fatone turns 35 today.

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Kudos to Amy Farrah Fowler

Like many of you i bet, I re-watched Mayim Bialik's 'Glory Of Love' number more than a few times on the old VHS copy of Beaches we rented back in the early 90's. I truly hated the movie but that few minutes of the movie unveiled a true talent. For some reason though I had little to no interest in following Bialik in any of the projects that came after. Not sure why, but even Joey Lawrence could not get me to watch the annoying half hour that was Blossom.

I did however maintain my respect for Bialik. When I would see her on talk shows, I loved her attitude and intelligence. Sometimes it takes just the right character to allow an actor to truly shine. Big Bang Theory does just that with Amy Farrah Fowler. I have loved Bialik's Amy since her first episode but the last two seasons she has been providing some of the shows biggest laughs.

The scene a couple of weeks ago when Sheldon presented Amy with a tiara was one of the most hilarious scenes I have seen on a sit-com (especially an American one) in awhile. The brilliance came stemmed yes from the writing but mostly from how Bialik nails Amy with every word and line put in front of her. Amy reminds me a bit of a Muppet. Even without dialogue, Bialik uses her characters limited range of emotions, to create, like a Muppet, hilarious over the top facial expressions.

Just Because: Nick Jonas

I haven't really given Nick Jonas much love on FH. In fact, usually when I mention the Jonas Brothers it is with a note of sarcasm. Never really been a fan of the brothers or their music but lately....whoa!!!

Recently watching Nick doing press for his turn in Broadway's How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying has had me paying much closer attention. Maybe it is because Nick is a little older but he is looking, and sounding, mighty fine and getting decent reviews for his performance to boot.

A Rust Reverie: Seth by Carolina Freelance

Seth Oliver by Carolina Freelance

For most, rust has a negative connotation, it is the color of corrosion, the chemical reaction which occurs when iron meets oxygen and water which results in a vibrant red-orange color.

For me, this chemical reaction is equally as powerful when in the hands of a skilled photographer shooting an auburn haired model. Color, tone and feel are are essential elements of almost all images yet for some reason the industry seems to shy away from embracing the auburn. I love profiling models with auburn or red hair. Partly preference, but mainly because I feel there is an essence expressed that is unique from what you get from other models. I think there are more images of the models I have featured with auburn or red hair linked to, and shared more than any other.

The aforementioned essence is acutely present in this series of Seth from South Carolina photographer Jeff Rice. Jeff has always had a passion for photography and in 2008decided to start his own photography business, Carolina Freelance. Jeff strives to create an equality of ownership within his work, looking for the models he shoots to bring their own creativity to the shoot.

Jeff describes working with 19 year old Seth Oliver as an absolute pleasure. Seth has always had a passion for fashion and design and is currently studying attending college studying architecture. I love how Seth looks within and around the waterfall. The natural sunlight glistens so beautifully off the streaming water, Seth's skin and auburn hair.

'Seth is a gorgeous and gifted model. We met on a hot Summer day to do a shirtless and commando jeans shoot in the water.I was impressed by his natural good looks and self confidence. Seth was new to the modeling world and had never done any sexy shots at the time. We started out with some pretty shots in shorts and flip flops to to warm up a bit.He changed into his low rider jeans and we headed for the water and Seth Oliver came to life! It became very obvious to me that he knows how to be sexy. I just simply told him to seduce the camera and he went to work. He needed very little direction and used his body, eyes and facial expressions to create some amazing poses.'
Jeff Rice

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