Sunday, July 17, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 17th

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Happy Birthday today July 17th

Winter is Coming!
Happy 40th to actor Eric Winter!

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Winter in The Ugly Truth (2009)

Vintage Vantage

A tool used to transmit power by means of a band, belt, cord, or rope passing over its rim

Legs & Thighs

At this week's Argyle Grant Runway show, the focus was swimwear.  Presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the Art Hearts Fashion show had me focused on legs and thighs.  Each of the models filled out their speedo's perfectly with model Cole Monahan a highlight in yellow.

Cole Monahan

Influential: Andrew Diener by ClearEye

'My definition of successful is being influential, moving others, being a source of their motivation.'

I was struck that Andrew Diener listed influential as one of his main priories and goals. Of course making money and being successful is part of the plan, but for the 24 year old Ohio model, integrity in all he does is essential.  'I want to contribute to quality projects that clearly display my ambition, potential, promise and talent.'

Andrew had me thinking about all of the people who been influential in my life and how few of them I have thanked.  Every day, I am influenced by someone's witty comments, the way the carry themselves, and for me, especially how they interact with others.  I am in awe of people who can seamlessly maneuver through their days, and especially their relationships with ease, caring and respect.

Andrew  comes from German, Irish and American Indian decent.  Andrew's self described, humble beginnings have motivated his goals and passions including his studies focused on Criminal Justice. A sports enthusiast, Andrew's history with fitness and body building began with his years playing football, track and field, Judy, baseball and wrestling.

It also struck me that two of Andrew's school activities were wrestling and cheer leading.  The wrestling was clear, Andrew's physique seems visually perfect for the sport.  Cheer leading, in an odd way also made sense.  Most people feel they need to choose being the one cheering, or the one being cheered, but Andrew is comfortable in both role, which says a lot about his character.

I was thrilled when I contacted ClearEye about featuring his work with Andrew and got his full support.  I first featured ClearEye's work a few years ago, but it has taken awhile to find the perfect model for a return engagement.  The first time I featured ClearEye's images, (Jason Rafael through a ClearEye) I was influenced and inspired by the Ohio's artists use of of space, lighting,shadow and pose and the feeling of beauty mixed with isolation he created with Jason.  I am equally inspired by his work with Andrew, a model that he connected with through a Facebook group for models and photographers.

'Andrew was great fun to work with. I think it was his first modeling shoot ever and he was very curious and cooperative. He looks very serious in some of his pictures but he’s actually a fun-loving guy who aims to please.'