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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 10th

The Hot Spotter
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Happy Birthday today August 10th

Happy 29th to actor Brenton Thwaites!

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Seasonal Sightings

A little summer slippage...

Eruptive Exertion: Jay & Yorgen by Gordon Nebeker

It helps to have someone to help count the number of reps while doing incline presses.

'Something akin to the rarity of a full solar eclipse occurred two weeks ago when Yorgen and Jay were at our house in Boston at the same time!'

It’s Jay’s turn to do the incline presses and Yorgen is pushing him to work as hard as he can!

Last week, photographer Gordon Nebeker began posting a new series of images on his Instagram. The series included two models working out at the guy. The first, Yorgen, I have featured several times over the past year and a model who has become a favorite with FH. The second model Jay is a model I was first introduced to last year and have been hoping to feature on the site.

Gordon began the series by posting a shot of Jay and Yorgen on the stairs. It was a beautiful body shot, but only hinted at what was to come. The next day, Gordon posted the image I featured earlier this week on FH. (HERE:) I immediately got in touch with Gordon about featuring the shot. The image was visually stunning and incredibly hot, but it was the explosive chemistry between Jay and Yorgen that literally erupted from the photo.

A workout would not be complete without some cardio!

It wasn't just their beautiful naked bodies, it wasn't just the great pose and composition of the shot. There was something intensely sensual in their eyes, a carnal connection between them that sparked the viewers imagination of what was to come. There was also an erotic vulnerability, almost a teacher/student feel, propelled by the difference in body types, the models eye connection and through pose. Jay, sitting with only the lat bar between his body and Yorgen's. I am sure we'd all love a hot spotter like Jay or Yorgen, and although our heart rates would increase, it would be hard to keep focus on our repetitions...

I was not the only follower on Gordon's Instagram to feel the heat. The image triggered a huge reaction, as did the subsequent shots from the series Gordon posted over the the next few days. Sadly, the heat seemed too much for Instagram and Gordon's posting was abruptly halted (deleted) just as viewers were edging towards the conclusion of the series. On the plus side, although I certainly related with Gordon's frustration, jumped at the opportunity to share the entire series (and a few of Gordon's captions) on FH.

I am told this is a Yoga position, though I admit I have never seen this exercise before! The guys are performing it well!

In any exercise program, it is very important to stretch the muscles frequently and correctly.

'Something akin to the rarity of a full solar eclipse occurred two weeks ago when Yorgen and Jay were at our house in Boston at the same time! It seemed to me to be a no-brainer that we do a photo shoot of them together since they are two of the most popular models I have worked with in the past year. They readily agreed and we carved out an hour and a half to do the whole shoot.'

'It is a challenge just working with two models at the same time but the challenge increases when the models don’t really know each other (Yorgen and Jay had never met before) and there is no obvious reason for the shoot (how will they relate to each other?). And then it hit me: both of these guys know their way around a gym and what is a more ‘buddy’ thing to do than work out together and spot for and encourage each other!! This was a real collaboration and the guys worked out their poses and I tried to insure the photographs would “meet the community standards” of Instagram where I was planning to post the shoot.'

'Well, it all started well on Instagram until after the fifth photo was posted and the series was breaking records for “likes” on my page. And then on the sixth day (about half way through the series), Instagram saw fit to take down the next three photos I was trying to post so the gym series was stopped dead in its tracks! To this day, I am not sure why they decided to do this as nothing was “showing” and we were meeting “community standards” as I understand them but there was no way to appeal the decision. I had a lot of requests to please continue the series. I approached Tye at FH, so here is the complete Jay and Yorgen Gym Series for your enjoyment.'

'Good workout, guys!! Time to hit the showers! And.... so we leave the guys in the shower where, lucky for them, they can take turns scrubbing those hard-to-reach backs.'

Fuck Off, Helen

Needing a good laugh, last weekend I re-watched 2011's Bridesmaids. It's funny what you notice, or maybe what you remember noticing, when you watch a movie a second time. When I sat down to watch, I looked forward to the food poisoning scene at the Bridal shop, and all of Melissa McCarthy's scenes. This time, McCarthy's scenes didn't seem as funny as I had remembered, but I still got plenty of laughs.

First off, this is Kristen Wigg's movie. She steals every scene from start to finish. Her scenes with Rose Byrne are especially great, and the drive by car scene near the end provided the belly laughs I was looking for. I really hadn't remembered that scene, but it was the highlight this time around. It's surprising there hasn't been a sequel. Wiig thinks sequels are risky, and often tarnish the original. Although I agree with her, with this cast, I think it's worth the risk.

After the car scene, my biggest laugh came from Matt Bennett and his delivery of the line 'Fuck off, Helen.' Billed only as 'Helen's stepson', Bennett steals the far to few scenes he's in. Although he looks about 16, the New York based actor was actually 20 during production of the film.

Bennett maybe best known for co-starring alongside Ariana Grande in the Nickelodeon series Victorious. Since his stint in Bridesmaids, Bennett has appeared on TV guesting on shows like The Big Bang Theory, iCarly, Shameless, Fresh Off The Boat and Grey's Anatomy.

Matt Bennett

Bennett had a 'semi' nude scene (semi meaning he appeared naked but nothing was shown) in 2010 film The Virginity Hit. The film follows four young guys, and their camera, chronicling the right of passage of losing their virginity. In one scene, Matt is filmed by his buddy, prepping for sex by shaving his pubes.

Bennett in The Virginity Hit (2010)

Wiig and Chris O'Dowd

Actor Chris O'Dowd was certainly a highlight from Bridesmaids, and I have been seeing him a lot on TV lately in promos for Get Shorty. Jon Hamm may have been the movie's resident un-credited hunk, but like Wiig, I am guessing most audience members were rooting for Officer Rhodes. The English actor has done several nude scenes over the years, a few of my favorites below.

O'Dowd in Festival (2005)

O'Dowd in Hotel Very Welcome (2007)

O'Dowd in The Crimson Petal and the White , Part 2 (2011)