Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

Camell by Bob Burkhardt
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Passenger Seat

The April Fool

'Beau Bridge (aka Beau Reed) thinks he has struck gold by finding a hot girl on the PansMeet app; and even more so when there are two girls when he shows up. However, little does he know he will be the target of an April Fool’s joke!'

Drew Dixon

I love looking for porn parody's when it comes to holidays and special occasion. The April Fool covers the theme, as well as a fantasy many gay men have had.  You know the scenario, I know some of you have run it through your head....  The hot straight guy you covet is blindfolded by a hot female he thinks he's about to get devoured by.  Instead, she steps aside, leaving the pleasuring to you.

Of course this is a fantasy, and in this dream, the straight guy enjoys it as much as you do. In The April Fool, it's not one girl but two, and not one guy pleasuring but three.  In this flick, Beau Reed plays the straight guy and the pleasuring is done by Manuel Skye, Ethan Chase and the sultry Drew Dixon. April Fools or an April Fool?  

Hideaki and Zhou


April Fool's Day is really a silly holiday, one mostly reserved for children. It's supposed to be fun, but with the goal being to make a fool of someone, the fun is cloaking an underbelly of cruelty. So... what do these visuals have to do with the holiday. Nothing really, except most jokes and tricks are based in illusion. A fun, exciting surface with a hidden layer of mystery. When I first saw these images, that's exactly what I experienced. 

I was first introduced to these images of Hideaki and Zhou a few months ago, although I didn't know their names at the time. They were part of an image I later learned was titled The Empress and her Prisoners. In addition to not knowing their names, the image wasn't credited so I didn't know the artist behind the piece. I was however determined to find out. It took a little while as my usual reverse image searches didn't provide any answers. I also attempted to search Japanese CFNM imagery, Japanese nude fighters and Asian erotic imagery, but still nothing. 


I wanted to feature the image, and find out more about the artist, but I didn't want to post the shot without credit. I gave it one last attempt by searching on DeviantArt, and again searching for Japanese CFNM imager. Success, there were Hideaki and Zhou, as well as dozens and dozens of more images from Achillias, the artist the behind their creation. 

Zhou in traditional Hanfu outfit

One of the reasons I was so struck by the images was how real they looked. Yes, after spending time closely examining the shot, I could tell that Hideaki and Zhou were computer illustrated, but their faces, their eyes, their bodies and body parts were vividly alluring and real. I was especially drawn to Hideaki, the embodiment of my ultimate erotic fantasy hero. 

Fortunately, Achillias responded to my 'bug' message and was supportive of me featuring his work. I would have been very disappointed not to share and introduce his work, not to mention Hideaki and Zhou to readers of FH. Achillias passion and skill is focused on creating 3D images, image sequences, illustrated short stories and comics. In addition to Asian heroes, his favorite topics include' Ancient Spartans, Romans and Greeks, Medieval and Fantasy. Like myself, Achillias also loves imagery, art and stories featuring clothed females and nude males. 

When I asked Achillias what stimulated his creating the sexy and captivating Hideaki and Zhou, there wasn't a specific reason. The Netherlands artist loves to create men from differnt cultures and backgrounds. A few months ago he just felt like creating some Asian characters, both male and female. Of the group of characters he created, he liked Zhou and Hideaki the best. Zhou is Chinese and Hideaki is Japanese and both are kickboxers. Achillias had planed on creating a kickboxing series, with Zhou and Hideaki fighting together, but time has prevented him from finishing that series as of now. Until then, you check out much more of Achillias' work on his website HERE:

In the Peony Pavilion

The Empress and her prisoners

Drenched: Camell by Bob Burkhardt

Wet is love 
Love that's flowing free 
Free is the feeling I feel deep inside me
Come and see that wet is me...
Barbra Streisand 

Camell may not be outside getting drenched by a rainstorm, but he's getting seductively soaked just the same.  Even just utilizing his water bottle inside Bob Burkhardt's studio, the erotic impact is visually powerful.  The moist liquid cascading down over Camell's beautiful skin is a site to behold.