Friday, June 10, 2011

Thumbs Down:

I always thought he was like Jerry Lewis, possibly found brilliant in other countries. I felt this because I had not really ever found anything he did even remotely entertaining or funny. Yet... people who I did enjoy and respect kept calling him some kind of genius. I thought maybe I just didn't get it. He was the main reason I could never stomach 30 Rock. Unfunny is one thing, dangerous is another.

Dylan Rosser's tMf: Less Fashion-More Skin

'Male nude photographers seems to do their own thing, quietly trying to make some money by selling prints and books. I’m more than happy to bring attention to these guys and hopefully promote their work.'
Dylan Rosser from his recent interview with my friend Brenton Parry from Aussielicious

Over the past several years Dylan Rosser has become one of the most successful photographers of the male form. Dylan's online presence is impressive and his site THE MALE FORM is one of the most popular destinations of fans of beautiful men beautifully photographed. I long ago stopped being surprised when researching a model for a profile that shots from Dylan would be apart of their portfolio.

Above:Bassili Hendy

Amazingly hot shots are not the sole reason for Dylan's popularity. Dylan has wisely and carefully forged a community of support by reaching out to not only models, but fellow photographers and maybe most importantly lovers of the male form.

Dylan was one of the first photographers to contact FH when the blog began. Dylan's first contact with me was not about being on my site but a request about an image he wanted off. Dylan then went on to work with me to provide what I needed for my post that was in keeping with the direction he was so carefully following. Since then, Dylan not only maintains regular communication with myself (and a host of other blog/site owners) with updates and news he is also quick to respond anytime I have a question, request or assistance with a profile. Last year Dylan began bringing on guest photographers on THE MALE FORM again enlarging his community and offering his stage and vast audience for fellow photographers to share in the spotlight. Most interesting, but not surprising has been how this community rallies to support the artist when needed. Dylan used some of this support this past year by pulling and using quotes from those who support his site making them a small part of it.

Dylan brings some of the best of this community together for his new project tMf, a new online magazine which provides talented artists and models another platform to show their work. The launch issue includes a hot cover shoot with model Matt, plus interviews and portfolios with among others model Max Rhyser and top photographers like Rick Day, Walter Kurtz, Mark Henderson, Kurt R. Brown, and many others.

Be sure to check out tMf which launched this week. If the issue is a success Dylan promises we will see more!


Given tMf is all about community I decided to talk to a few of those Dylan features in the first issue. Cover boy Matt is new to the business but is serious about his work and his career. Matt loves the simplicity in Dylan's work. Matt says it was natural, without complications. Matt says working with Dylan was a pleasure and what he liked best was knowing the results were going to be quality.

'My favorite shot is when I'm looking out the window and I'm naked. I just love the outline of my body and the lighting was perfect.'

Below: Max Rhyser

Actor and model Max Rhyser shares with tMf his experiences as a model, actor and spiritual healer.

'Dylan is very calm and quiet, somewhat graceful as is his work. He's a great guy, centered which makes him really easy to work with. Our shoots have always felt very casual and relaxed.'

Max says that what he loves about Dylan's work is that it is'clean, tight, simple, elegant... simply beautiful'. Max admits that that he did not do his homework when he first worked with Dylan and says the visibility he obtained came as a great surprise. Dylan is the only photographer Max has posed naked for and was thrilled with the results. Max and Dylan also shot an extensive underwear series that have become Max's favorites. You can see all of Dylan's work with Max (including the shot below) on THE MALE FORM.

Below: Poolside with Mark Henderson

I have enjoyed the work of photographer Mark Henderson for many years. Mark is a color and lighting master and his work, both exterior and in studio, always have me feeling tropical and most certainly hot. Mark discusses his new book Poolside with Dylan and shares some of his wettest shots! I asked Mark about the connection between water and the sensuality within his work.

'To be honest, images shot by the pool are a relatively recent addition to my repertoire and represent a fairly small (but growing) part of my work, most of which is shot indoors. But photographing models by my pool and in my back garden has allowed me to further explore and experiment with lush, saturated color, which has always been an important element in my images. The way the pool water reflects numerous shades of greens, blues, and yellows, depending upon the weather and the time of day, adds an expressive quality to the images that I wouldn't be able to recreate indoors.'

Mark says that he greatly admires the fact Dylan brings an editorial-style sophistication and polish to the appearance of his images.

'This sophistication, combined with a forthright, honest depiction of the fully nude and eroticized male figure.It's a tough balancing act that few photographers attempt and even fewer do well.'

Be sure to obtain your own copy of Poolside HERE:

Below: The work of Walter Kurtz

Walter Kurtz and his work have always been exciting and fascinating to follow. It is filled with artistry, intense sexuality and has a layer not many artists are able to tap into. The dichotomy of mixing both pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, fantasy and dark reality. Walter's work blends these complexities better than any. In tMf, Walter discusses his struggles with motivation over the past couple of years (a place of frustration and immobility) and his return and need to do something different.

He also has a hilariously dark and witty sense of humor that brings me many regular laughs. His responses to my questions (which I would not even consider editing) give you a bit of a taste.

What is it about Dylan's work that speaks to you?

Ugh, please don't make me talk about another artist's work! I hate doing that. No matter what you say, it always comes off trite and contrived. Let me talk about Dylan "THE MAN". He's a true gentleman and, other than myself (of course), possibly the nicest photographer working today.

Your new work has a focus on black and white and 'arsty fartsy' (Walter's words) as you call it. Tell me about the change and tell me your signature black and orange theme is not gone for good!

It's not black and ORANGE! You need to get your monitor calibrated!! LOL

It's actually golden. I HATE looking at my work on other people's computers because it's VERY color specific and if the monitors haven't been calibrated the pics look awful. The best thing is to see my prints in person. I can't tell you how many people have said to me "Oh, NOW I get it!" after seeing the prints.

If you read the interview Dylan's going to include it explains all of that. But the highly condensed version is that I burned out and wanted to do something new. I still shoot in my signature but very rarely. Right now black and white film is my focus.

Whether black, golden (orange!) or black and white it is great to see new work coming from Walter Kurtz!

Check out more from each of these talented artists as well as many others on tMf