Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 27th

Spring is in the Air...

Happy Birthday today March 27th

Check out today's birthday boys (including the famous one shot by Greg Gorman above) HERE: & HERE:

Straight Shooter

Marriage Equality, once an issue politicians used and abused, has finally moved to something only the ignorant amongst them has not smartly gotten behind. For many it was easy, for some, it was a gay friend or family member that inspired them to finally speak out.

As much as supporting marriage equality is a 'duh' for me, I am gay. I understand that for many, there is a normality about not being passionate about things that don't directly effect you. There are many injustices in the world and we can't all, gay or straight march in every parade. That is why it can sometimes be so moving to see someone not gay, be so open and supportive of the rights of others.

When we were first introduced to Emmett on Big Brother Canada, his back story included being the person his younger brother first came out to. Within the house, Emmett has not so much shown a passion for gay rights, but in some ways, his behavior is much more powerful. To Emmett, it simply just doesn't matter. His interactions with Gary, painting his nails or doing his eye make-up, are unique because of how simple, unimportant and natural they are. Emmett is not perfect, but he is a breath of fresh air for reality television. 

Emmett at Halifax Pride
Big Brother Canada has had a couple (maybe a few) gay men in the house, but unlike other reality shows, who still use someones sexuality as some sort of plot point, on this show, to Emmett, to most who watch, it beautifully means very little.

Below: Emmett at Halifax Gay Pride by Shaun Simpson

Hump Slump

Over the last couple of months life has become so busy that the only time I have for FH is usually on the weekends. I try to do enough posts to ensure the blog is still produces new material every 2 or 3 days, but from Tuesday through Thursday there remained a bit of a slump.

Spring Cleaning: by Manuscript Photography

I know many groan with repeats, but I have decided to begin a 'best of' series featuring the artists who have contributed over the years. The blog is in it's 6th year now, so there is much from the past that many have not seen. I will try to also add new material with the 'best of' series and look for it starting next Wednesday!

Ryan from Direct Desire

If you have a favorite photographer you would like included, just shoot me an e-mail and check out the list of artists who have contributed to FH the past few years, in the post below!

Mattia by Andrea Romano

Artists Who Inspire

Image from WagnerLA

AANE Photography***Alex Hilbert***Alexander Chernenko***Alexander Kargaltsev***Alexandre Rios***alfenphotography***Andrew Bowman***Andy Hurvitz***AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Angus Malcolm***Arteo Photo Kevin Moore***Ashland Thomas***Bad Behaviour Boys***Ben Octavius***Bill Donlon***Bill McClaren***Birds Eye Studios***BJ Nash***Bob Burkhardt***Bobby Shahideh***BPeterson Photos***Brett Kiellerop***Brenton Parry***Brian Gorman***Brian Jones***Bryan Nevin Media***BRYAN RAsHAUN***Bruce Denny***Byron Motley

Image From GymImage

Cadeography***Carl Proctor***Carlos Miranda Photography***Carolina Freelance***Chris Teel***Chris A Freeman***Christopher Photography
***Christopher Singleton***Cibo Photography***ClareVoyance Photogrphy***Claus Pelz***Clean Slate***ClearEye LLC***Cruz Visionnaire***Dahlensjö Photography***Dale Pierce Photography***Danny Barson***Dan Skinner***Daniel Allen***Dave Koster***Dave Ouano***David Arnot***David Vance***David Wagner***DAVISICON***Dennis Nauert***DejaView Photography***Digital Pixel Studios***Diver Photography***Baker & Adams***Donald Chambers***DLJ Photography***Doppel-V***Drew Kamp***Doug Vetter***Dylan Rosser***Dusti Cunningham***EButterfield***eMCi photo***Erick Herfs***Ev Dylan***Fabien Lemaire


FIBK***Fit Aussie Guys***flondo***FlyFoto***Fineexposure***Firebird Photography***Fotowerk_Z***Frank Bell******Fred Sugar***gentlemenOnly***GD Photowerks***GLiMPSe visual***Gordon Nebeker***Gray Ions***Greg Lindeblom***Greg Tsontakis-Mally***H2H-images***Hans Fahrmeyer***Humon Photography***Indulis***Ian Burgess***IMAGENTS***IMWPhotography***Jackson Photograpfix***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jamtron Studio***Jay Plogman***Jay Rickard***JayBee Photography***JBDI Photography***JDT Photgraphy***JeffsPOV***JGH Photography***Jim Wilkinson

Image from StudioJames

Joe Mazza***Joem C. Bayawa***John Fallon***John G Reed***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jpics***Josh Camero***Joshua Gagnon***JR Williams***JrChristiansenStudio***JDT Photography***jtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Karl Royce***Kevin Kurbs***Karl Smet***Keith Ingram***Kim Hanson***Kirill KAZAKOV***Krunnch Photo***Kurt R. Brown***Leigh Carter***Lewis and Marshall***lebordelais***Lights on Studio***lionart609


Image from Doug Vetter

macpics***Mack Sturgis***Male Beauty by bengie***Male Model Photography by Hugh***MaleVisionS***ManScout Photogrpaphy***Manuscript Photography***Markus Bollingmo***Mark Bower***Mark Leighton***Marlen Boro***Martin J Barker***mateo_photographie***Matt Lee***Max Woltman***Matthew Finley***MiamiPhotoGuy***Michael A. Downs***Michael Angelo***Michael Kilgore***Michael Puff***Michael Stokes***Mikel Marton***Mike Ross***MikeTossy***msbimages***Mount Photography***MStyles***Musclehead Graphics***MvR Photo***Nathan Scott***N D L Photography**New Manhattan Studios***Nicolai Kornum***Nick S82***NICKET

Image from Patrick Mark

Nicolas Smith***Nicky Reyes***Night Kast Images***Noplacia Photography***Norcal Bodz***Nohea Dunn***Oakleigh***Ohm Photography***Pascal d'Ameyal***Patrick Keuanu***Patrick Mulcahy***Patrick R***Patrick Slater***Paul Mariano***Paul Reitz***Paul Morris***Paul Richmond***Paul Sixta***Paul Smollen***Peachtree Muscle***Peek Physique***PerfectFit Photography***Peter Rowen***Philip Rugel Photo***Photoby010***Photos By Biron***Pierre Jean***Pierre Simard***PPlanet Photography

Image from Jim Wilkinson

Pierre-Yves Monnerville***Prairie Visions***Preferred Studio***Pride of Paradise***p w gomez***Quinton Klassic***Ra Kai***Raw Afrika Photography***Rawle B***Raymond Meza***Reyj Photography***Rex King***Ricardo Muñiz***Rich Archer***Richard Rothstein***rickspix***Robert Colgan***Robert J Guttke***Ron Reyes***Ross Spirou***rSEANd Photography***Rudyard Yap***Russ Osterweil***Ryan Scott***Scott Barnes***Scott Marrs***Sean Cooper***Serene Photography***SergeiK***Shannon Boh

Image from Michael Stokes

Shaun Simpson***Shawa Pablo-chester***Shayne Fergusson***Shotbygrant Photography***Skyylerhouse***Stanley L. Moore***Stephen Kahrs***Steve Jerome***Studio James***Studio R9 Tampa***studioAtruong***Studio MG***Suntown Photography***t a mueller***T-W-D photos***takeurpicture***Ted Sun***Thomas Bourry***Tin Box Photography***Tom Clark***Tom Silk***Tom Saint Clair***TR Pics***Unlimited Male***Virgin Island Pictures***Wadley Photography***Walter Tabayoyong***Wananga***Von Melzer***Walt Cessna***Walter Kurtz***Walter Tabayoyong***Wildplum Images***XY Photography***WM Images***Xavier_Paris***YogaBear Studio***Zedneram Imagery***Zohar Lokhandwala***zroaphotography

Image from Fred Goudon