Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favorite Pic of the Day: November 11th

Favorite Guys from Around the Globe

Daniel Brühl

Joceyln Quivrin

Philip Olivier

Favorite Guy From Britian: Philip Olivier

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Favorite Guy From Germany Daniel Brühl

Although Originally from Spain, Daniel Brühl grew up in Germany.

Daniel Brühl website:

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Favorite Guy From France: Jocelyn Quivrin

My Favorite Guy from Grande école

Jocelyn Quivrin in Grande école

Ok, we get a great rear view and a frontal of Jocelyn Quivrin in the shower scene, but did anyone else just wish the coach would strip down and join them! With a room full of naked guys, why is the guy in clothes often the hottest!!!

Favorite Scene From Grande école

Yes, the shower scenes were great, but for some reason this scene was my favorite. Maybe it was Joceyln's underwear but whatever reason, I enjoyed it.

Favorite Male Model for the Day: Axel Herman