Friday, January 21, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 22nd

Image by ShutterClickPhx
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Seasonal Sightings:

Favorite Click of the Week: Documenting Booboo

Although I never got into Twilight, the films did introduce me to the beautiful and talented actor and singer Booboo Stewart.  One of Booboo's latest project was a breathtaking photo and video shoot for Cap 74024 magazine.  Cap74024 recently posted a few images from the project on their Instagram Page

Documenting Booboo
Photographer:  David Katzinger
Videographer: Juan Pablo Coral

Booboo Stewart on Instagram

A Vintage Vantage: Johnny Stumps

Last month, while searching for vintage Christmas and winter shoots, one model seemed to crop up more than any other.  Johnny Stumps posed in a number of holiday themed shoots for The Athletic Models Guild.  

Stumps worked with Bob Mizer as well as several other photographers throughout the 1950's. Stumps shows a lot of personality through his great face, smile and eyes and always appears like he's having fun in front of the camera. 

Stumps with Terry Shannon

ShutterClickPhx: Supplemental

'I shoot fast…  I know what I want and I know how to get it.'

Last month, I featured the first set of favorites from photographer ShutterClickPhx. (HERE:)  Whether a portrait, or a full body shot, Jeff's images are consistently striking and infused with a erotic energy. The story however, wasn't focused on the models or images, but on the artist and man behind the dynamic visuals.

When I contacted Jeff, he wasn't really that  interested in discussing his work with hot naked models.  With so much apathy dominating our society and culture, Jeff was more interested in talking about his life outside of the studio.  Jeff is aware he's had a fortunate life and his passion it to help others in both large, and most importantly, subtle and quiet ways. 

Jeff's story reminded me that I actually heard about him before actually seeing any of his work.  FH viewers are aware how much I love featuring the images created each year when photographers Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGphotography head to Utah to shoot at Lake Powell.  When I was putting together the pieces for the 2016 trip, (HERE:) each of the photographers noted how helpful that Jeff was in helping to pull together the models, (Nathan, Patrick and Jacob) who joined them that year.  

Hearing all of the kind words about Jeff had me seeking out his work, and reaching out.  I featured his studio work with Jacob the following month. (HERE:)  When I was throwing out questions to Jeff last month, I of course had to slip in a few questions about his process as an artist and ask about some of his experiences while shooting.  Given Jeff also sent on so many favorite images, there were more than enough for a supplemental, and to share some of his stories, this time, inside the studio. 

What is your favorite piece of the creative process? 
I always have fun when I shoot. I shoot fast… an hour to 90 mins max. I know what I want and I know how to get it… also.. if you drag out a shoot too long, the model gets sleepy and loses energy. But for me… I love the post/editing work. I take my time with that… and I love seeing the outcome. 

What do you look for in a model? 
Good energy.. and someone who is comfortable in their skin. 

Are there any specific physical traits you especially like to shoot? 
Eyes. I love shooting portraits… and some of my favorites photos are portraits. Love when the light catches the models eyes… and when the model truly connects with the camera. Love to pick up their emotion through the eyes. 

One thing a model should not do while shooting with you? 
“Put your fucking phone down!!” Seriously… you can go for 60 mins without picking up your phone! 

Are you talkative when you shoot, or focused only on the work? 
I’m totally focused on my work… but I also talk non stop.. LOL. I keep the model engaged, and I’m constantly telling him what to do.. where to look… “drop your chin… eyes to me…” stuff like that. I also make a point of constantly telling them “That’s great!” or “You look amazing” If they hear the positive feedback… it keeps them going, and they really start getting into it. 

Given you modeled and direct your shoots, are you open to a models creative suggestions? 
Sure. But I won’t always take them. So many models ask me to shoot them outside in nature. That’s not me. There are other photographers who are great shooting outdoors. My style is very unique… recognizable. So I rarely go outside the box. 

Have you ever shut down a shoot in the middle, knowing things were not working out? 
I never have “shut down” a shoot… but I’ve certainly stopped shooting early when I can see the model has lost his spark. I had a model that flew in to shoot with me. He ended up hooking up until 4 in the morning the night before we shot. He looked like shit the next day, and had zero energy. I got what I needed, but it wasn’t easy. It was a quick shoot. He flew himself in, so no loss on my end. 

Are there models you still want to work with?
Sure… there are tons of models I’d love to shoot… but organizing it and making it happen is the impossible part. Also.. I should mention… I have never paid a model to shoot. Never will. So many models demand payment. I’m not that guy. I’m in it 100% for the art, and love shooting models with the same mindset. 

What is the strangest thing a model has requested? 
If I would shoot them POV with my dick in their mouth. “Um…. no” 

Have you ever said no to a model's request? 
See above. LOL. 

How has the pandemic impacted your work? 
Probably the obvious. When the Pandemic hit… I stopped shooting for about 8 months. But I used that time to focus on other things. I was ok with that. 

Many models are now shooting for their Just for, or Onlyfans pages. Given there is a lot of competition for viewers, has this changed the limits models are open to pushing? 
I seriously could give a shit about OF, JFF I pay no attention to that at all. Many people have asked me to start an OF pages. Zero desire. If a model asks me to shoot something specific for their OF or JFF… I usually decline. They are more than welcome to use the photos however they want… but I won’t shoot them jacking off, or anything to erotic. That’s not me.