Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favorite Pic of the day for January 27th

Frost by Dennis Nauert
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Happy Birthday today January 27th

One of my favorite images of Michael Horta

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Favorite Magazine Image of the Day:

Love this image of Revenge star Joshua Bowman in the January issue of GQ.

Dennis Nauert: A Touch Of Frost

'Frost was a pleasure to work with and can't wait to work with him again. Great body and fantastic looks!'
Dennis Nauert

I first profiled Austin photographer Dennis Nauert last summer. (Precise: Michael by Dennis Nauert ) In the piece, Dennis shared he has only been shooting for a short while and I remember how impressed i was with the quality and depth of his work. It was easy to theme that feature as Dennis drew on his models love for guitar and music. Each pose, and everything Dennis surrounded him with, was closely connected to this passion.

Sometimes the themes I choose fit the images beautifully, other times I can feel when they fail. With a model with the name of Frost Frost, I of course, tried to connect the name with a theme about the brutally cold weather many of us are currently experiencing. As I worked through ways to weave the two together, researching the many types of Frost and trying to somehow connect some of the terms with photography, it quickly became clear any attempt was going to be lame and fall flat.

As I read about how and why certain types of frost are formed, I could not shake out of my head, the cold theme and the differences between heat and warmth. Heat is more about a specific temperature, whereas warmth is more a feeling that goes deeper than body temperature and the surface of the skin.

Maybe it something only those of us in the North East can distinguish. Heat is amazing, but in ways, it sometimes be superficial. When the sun is blazing hot down on our skin, the surface of our bodies become hotter. This does not always however, mean we feel warmth. Contrast this with a freezing cold winter day, when snow and wind are whipping around outside your door and frost has settled on each window surface it can cling onto. When during all of this, you are inside, maybe under a comforter on the couch, we may not necessarily feel much heat, but we can experience warmth.

Unlike heat, warmth is more created from the inside out. I may arise from by a man made heat source such as electricity, a furnace or a fire place. It can be created by your environment, a cozy room, a couch, chair or bed, a good movie, a glass wine, a dog at your side or best of all, with another person next to you.

It struck me that many photographers are able to capture heat. Images of a great bodies, usually with little or no clothing, splashes of color or an eye catching pose. Great photographers though, are able to capture warmth. Delving deeper, beyond the surface to find something richer and more substantial. When I saw images of Frost, it was clear Dennis was looking for something more substantial. Frost clearly has an amazing boy and incredibly distinctive facial lines and features. Although simply having Frost well lit, standing naked would have created some hot images, Dennis blended model and lines with props and pose for images that along with his use of light and shadow cover Frost with a rich warmth.

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Favorite Import Of The Day: Jascha Rust

I knew when first saw 22 year old actor Jascha Rust I wanted to feature him on the blog. Not only is Jascha completely adorable he has the best hair, often featured on his television show, shot in the morning making for some great bed head!

The German actor began performing while attending a performing arts school and soon after landed the role of Zachary RTL's Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (Good Times, Bad Times). Jascha has been apart of the cast since 2011.

Thanks to male-celeb-clips for most of the caps of Jascha, check out the site for more images and clips!