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Mr. Mercedes
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Mr. Mercedes: Jerome Jharrel as Jerome Robinson

 'Is anything we're doing here legal?'

Season one of Mr. Mercedes starts out with the introduction of the Mercedes killer.  Although Harry Treadaway does a great job as the Brady, it wasn't the killer, nor his back story that really grabbed my interest.  I was most focused and fascinated by those tracking him down.

Although the group expands, it begins with just Bill Hodges, soon joined by neighbor and computer wiz Jerome Robinson. (Jerome Jharrel)  Some of you might know the talented actor for his Emmy winning role as Korey Wise in Ava DuVernay's Netflix miniseries When They See Us.  On the big screen, you might also remember Jharrel from role in Moonlight, Concrete Cowboy and Monster, 

I really enjoyed the relationship between Bill and Jerome, and especially liked the chemistry between Gleeson and Jharrel.  Although the character of Jerome appeared in all three seasons of Mr. Mercedes, he was featured the most proximately in the shows' first season.

Once Holly is established, most of Bill's fatherly instincts and advice go her way, but early in season one, it was Jerome who Bill worried most about.  Although Jerome, Holly and Bill form both a family, and a business together, Jerome is not given the same degree of attention he was given in season 1.  Not sure if was story related, or the actor's schedule, but would have loved to have seen more of Jerome in season 2 and 3. 

I'm A Virgo (2023)

When They See Us (2019)

Mr. Mercedes: Jack Huston as Dr. Felix Babineau

'There's a big difference between primates and humans...'
Dr. Felix Babineau

As I said on the previous page, season 2 was probably my least favorite season of Mr. Mercedes.  The desire to extend the life of the Mercedes killer, took the series into a different direction.  One of the things I love most about the show is how character driven it it.  Season 2 was more plot focused, and a rather convoluted plot at that.

I did enjoy season 2, just not as much as I liked season 1 and 3.  Season 2 did have some highlights, including the addition of actor Jack Huston as Dr. Felix Babineau.  With Brady, the Mercedes killer, in a coma, Dr. Babineau and his wife Tessa, try to bring him back to consciousness. Tessa is a corrupt head of marketing at a major pharmaceutical corporation, trying to make a pay day by pumping Brady with experimental drugs. 

Dr. Babineau gives a little butt peak in Mr. Mercedes, but actor Jack Huston has had nude scenes in several films including Earthquake Bird and The Garden of Eden.  As soon as the actor appeared on-screen in Mr. Mercedes, I was instantly intrigued.   I don't remember seeing Huston on screen before, but he's been working steadily in the business for the last 20 years.  Some of his notable roles on television include appearances in Fargo, Eastwick and Boardwalk Empire.

The Garden of Eden (2008)

Mr. Mercedes: Rarmian Newton as Peter Saubers

'A good novelist does not create events, he watches them happen and then writes down what he sees.'

Although there are definitively tentacles back to the original Mercedes massacre, season 3 starts a new mystery story, with several new characters.  Season three of Mr. Mercedes is based on Finders Keepers, the second novel in the Bill Hodges trilogy.  Stephen King certainly drew on what he saw, and what he experienced, with this story based on the unpublished writings of a popular, and recently murdered writer.

The finder, and temporary keeper of the writer's works ends up being high school student Peter Saubers.  Peter stumbles upon the unpublished writings while walking with his dog in the woods.  Little does he know the problems finding those manuscripts is about to bring to he and his family.  Peter is played by the multitalented actor Rarmian Newton.

Newton was born in Melbourne, Victoria where he began acting on stage at an early age.  He was already a seasoned professional when at 14, he was cast as Billy in a Sydney production of  Billy Elliott the Musical.  His theatre credits included understudying the role of ‘young Peter Allen’ in The Boy From Oz, alongside Hugh Jackman, and playing the role of ‘Simon’ in The Jacaranda Tree, both in 2006. 

In the US, viewers might know the handsome Newton from his roles on The Family, Rise and Tell Me A Story.  This also wasn't the actors first role in a Stephen King project. Back in 2006, Newton starred as Bobby Fornay  US TV Mini-Series Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King.

During his time on Mr. Mercedes, Newton was mostly seen wearing a winter jacket and a toques.  He did however have a nude scene during his turn in the series Tell Me A Story.  I didn't include the entire clip, but it starts off rather hot, but doesn't end that well for Newton's character...

Tell Me A Story (2018)

Mr. Mercedes: Gabriel Ebert as Morris Bellamy

'After all, you're his number one fan...'

In addition to Rarmian Newton, there were several other new cast members added in season 3 of Mr. Mercedes.  Joining the cast were Kate Mulgrew, Meg Steedle and Gabriel Ebert. (below)   Mulgrew and Ebert make a great, and incredibly dysfunctional set of criminal lovers and I loved the twists and turns the story took in it's third season.

While some supporting characters took a bit of a back seat this season, Gabriel Ebert really got to shine.  As the writer obsessed Morris Bellamy, Ebert does some heavy hitting in the acting department, making a loser criminal into a character we actually grow to feel for as the season goes on.

Like Newton, Ebert is no stranger to the stage. Ebert made his Broadway debut as the understudy for the role of Ken in John Logan's play Red in 2010. . Ebert' is maybe best known for originating the role of Mr. Wormwood in the Broadway 2013 production of Matilda the Musical.  Ebert won the 2013 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.  Ebert has continued to move back and forth between films, television roles and the stage.

I really sort of dismissed Ebert's character Morris when the season first started.  I thought maybe he'd be a throwaway villain, who would be gone before too long.  I loved how the writers constructed Morris' arc, with us learning more about he, his childhood, and his connection to the Mercedes massacre, as the season went on.

In addition to bringing the drama, Ebert also handled most of season 3's nude scenes in his scenes with Kate Mulgrew.