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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

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Seasonal Sightings:


The holidays are all about tradition, and it's become traditional on FH to feature big glittering Christmas balls from Roger from RMark Photography.  Roger's been shooting the holiday themed series for a few years now, and I've been fortunate to have included many of my favorites over the last three years.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: Stephen Huszar in Undercover Holiday

'When returning home for the holidays, newly minted pop star Jaylen tells her protective family that her overzealous security guard Matt is, in fact, her new beau.'

I didn't love Undercover Holiday, but my love of actor Stephen Huszar had me hang in and stick it out.  The film was sort of a Hallmark Christmas version of The Bodyguard, but not nearly as good.  Not that The Bodyguard was actually a great film either, Whitney Houston certainly wasn't an actress, but  the music saved it from being a total dud.

The music in Undercover Holiday was pretty bland and unmemorable.   It didn't help that the female lead Jaylen was also pretty blandly written.  I've seen actress Noemi Gonzalez light up the screen in other roles, but she had little to sink her teeth into with this role.  Huszar's Matt however, had enough charm and charisma to make up for it.

I find myself repeating myself this year, with many of the holiday hunks in my 12 Days series.  In part, it's because I've been watching fewer movies, and the ones I have watched, usually feature one of the regular stable of Hallmark hunks.  

One of the first Hallmark Christmas films that I ever featured was The 12 Men of Christmas back in 2009. (HERE:) Actor Stephen Huszar was one of the calendar hunks in that film, and has appeared on network in many holiday films since since.  I also featured Stephen in 2018 after watching him in Return to Christmas Creek. (HERE:)

This year, I decided to take a bit of a deeper dive into the Canadian actor's resume, especially his resume of on-screen skin.  Check out the results on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Stephen Huszar on Instagram

Shock to the System (2006)

Hunk of Cole: Wagner Model by RMark Photography

'My favorite concept as a nude model came from my first time working with Roger. He truly brings the best out of me,'

I've featured the work of model Cole Wagner with photographer RMark Photography a couple of times over the past year.  Cole showed up, heart in hand, on Valentine's Day, (HERE) and was an especially hot trick or treater this past Halloween. (HERE:) I was especially drawn to Roger's (RMark) Halloween captures of Cole and loved the unique and creative concept they created together. 

That piece had me reaching out to Roger and Cole about seeing, and showcasing more of their work together.  In addition to loving Cole's handsome face and hot build, it was also easy to see the creative connection between model and photographer.  You can see from this series how Cole naturally reacts to both the location and props, and how beautifully Roger captures the moment.

Roger describes Cole as friendly and present and excellent at taking direction.  Due to Cole's work commitments with the military, Roger had to work around his schedule to to arrange shoots, but the Georgia based photographer says it was well worth it.  Roger also loves to Cole use in his holiday shoots, and the Christmas ball shoot is the third holiday they've shot together.  Roger added, in case anyone was wondering, the first image in this piece, with Cole in the Santa hat and red thong is all Cole. Nothing was edited or needed to be added in....

'It’s really difficult to choose only one image from Roger’s repertoire that's a favorite. If I were to narrow it down to just one, it would be this one, (below)  that equally blends both of our styles.'

'Cole has had dance training in the past, and when he saw the Top Hat that I had in the studio, it inspired him. Cole did quite a few poses with it over two photo sessions'

What first led you to modeling?
'I started modeling in college for figure drawing classes to help pay for tuition. I didn’t model completely nude because I was a student at the time. I enjoyed having a side job that allowed me to stay flexible and creative when it came to posing. I then branched out to working with photographers outside of school to make a little extra. I’m selective about who I work with now because predators do exist out there who want to take advantage of you. Things I always look for in a shoot are professionalism and respect.'

Was modeling nude always part of the plan?
'No it wasn’t to be honest. However, after modeling for figure drawing and training for marathons, I started appreciating my build more. I’ve always had a lack of confidence with self image until I got older and nude modeling allows me to be myself. Many nude models pose with a humorless disposition (stoic facial expressions and sultry physicality) but I always try to bring either dynamic poses or levity in the sessions. Sexy is not the only genre you can do with nude modeling.

My family and co workers have also  always supported me when it came to nude modeling. You learn to keep your work as a model separate from your other facets in life.'

Do you have a favorite concept that you've shot?
'My favorite concept as a nude model came from my first time working with Roger. He truly brings the best out of me, for at the time I just did my second marathon so I was at my physical peak. I did Bob Fosse-esque poses with a top hat and the idea bloomed into some of the best images to date. Following that we did Michelangelo poses, which are normally reserved for figure drawing. I felt grateful in that moment that a photographer would love resorting back to a classical theme.'

Any odd or interesting experiences?  
'The oddest request was for when I was in a zoom session with a sketch artist and after doing a classical pose, he wanted to do some closeup sketches of my dick. I never was a part of a study like that but I didn’t mind. As he did the sketches I had to think of various things to keep it erect because artwork takes time and you have to maintain the same pose for the duration of the sketch. In this case I had to be the same size. In the moment it felt kind of hilarious.'

How did you first connect with Roger?
'I connected with Roger on Model Mayhem. I’m selective about who I choose to work with because I ran into some bad examples when I lived in LA. His portfolio had an array of classical tasteful poses and due to his profession as a painter, he had an eye for composition and blending of elements. He also spoke in the utmost mature manner and remained respectful. Working with him wasn’t just a matter of creating images together, but also feeling safe, and that was guaranteed every time.'

What is your favorite part about working with Roger?
'Roger has an exquisite attention to detail. At times he will test my flexibility but once he shows you the image, you understand his concept and feel rewarded. Poses will never look in the same way that they feel. What may seem awkward in that moment translates into a strong refined pose.' 

You're so well toned, is that natural, or the result of hard work?
'Thank you.  I’ve always had a physically active lifestyle. I was a dancer in musicals, I did track, I would go up to the mountains, and now I’m in the military. I stayed fit not necessarily out of trying to look good, but to be limber and spry enough to venture to different places that can be physically hard to reach as well as perform the requirements of my job.'

What is your favorite part about modeling?
'Honestly, my favorite aspect of modeling is testing my creativity. I do my own artwork as well so modeling is a nice break for me to push myself and showcase my enthusiasm as well as performance and flexibility. Whether modeling nude or clothed, no two shoots will be the same.'

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot?
'My dream scenario would be to do a Spiderverse cosplay shoot where I would play Spider-Man Noir and I share the frame alongside SpiderGwen, Miles Morales and Peter Parker. Spiderman at this point has become embedded in our culture due to the motivation and imagination that he and his world inspire. I would like to do more cosplay in the future in general. '

You started a Fansly site, what can viewers expect?
'My Fansly page will offer images and video that Instagram is too scared to show. From the classical poses to workout videos. Down the line, they will also see behind the scenes footage of future shoots. For those who are curious, all I can say is sign up for the site and see for yourself.'

Cole Wagner on Instagram | ModelMayhem