Friday, July 22, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 22nd

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Happy Birthday today July 22nd

Happy 27th to actor Keegan Allen!

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Lather Up: Curtis Carter by Jamtron Studio

'Cutis seems to change his persona to fit whatever project we happen to be working on. I've worked with him a number of times, and it's always exciting to see what new images we can come up with.'

Since first featuring the work of model Curtis Carter with photographer Jamtron Studio, I know I have been excited to see what the Florida photographer and model would come up with next. They didn't disappoint! Just as I was posting about their work together this past May, David from Jamtron Studio let me know they had shot again and come up with some incredibly hot new shots!

After seeing a couple of images from the shower series, I had to get in touch about featuring some images from the shoot. Curtis sent on these steamy images from the shoot. Curtis has an incredible body, but with his sultry eyes, has perfected the 'come hither' look. You can never be too clean, and you can never get too much of Jamtron's shots of Curtis.

Favorite Face of the Day: Thomas Kasp

I can't turn off my light out at night after watching dark or depressing. Nothing heavy, not news, not an HBO drama or anything sad or depressing.  I try when I can to end my night on a sit-com  If I have a choice it's Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle or Modern Family.

This often means I get repeats, especially from the cable networks that show 2 or 4 episodes a night. This can be annoying, or at times, it can also be comforting.  One of the episodes of Modern Family I have seen several times, is the season 2 episode titled Mother Tucker.   The episode begins with Haley at the dining room table with her studious, and incredible adorable tutor David.

Before the opening credits roll we see that David is not so studious and Haley has flipped the roles, taking over the role of teacher.  Every time I have seen the episode I keep meaning to google the actor who plays David.  He has such a great face and eyes and I love the shape of his jaw and chin.

I finally got on IMDB and found out the actor is 24 year old Thomas Kasp.  Originally from Chicago, Kasp has been living and working in Los Angeles since 2010.   Kasp has been busy since arriving in California with roles in movies and on television with his most well known role in the Christopher Meloni comedy, Surviving Jack.  Kasp's last role was a guest starring role on Shameless, which I look forward to watching when I catch up with the current season.

Next two shots: Thomas by Jon McKee

Below: Thomas by Chris David

Road to Rio: Madison Hughes

I know, that anyone flipping through last months Vanity Fair, had to stop and pause when their eyes landed on the page featuring Rugby players Carlin Isles and Madison Hughes.

I am not sure how Madison slipped my radar until now.  Rugby isn't the huge sport it is in Europe, but with those eyes, those lips, those LEGS, I am surprised I didn't notice him until now.  All I can say is that I have paid my penance, and thanks to Vanity Fair, I will keeping my eye on Madison, and any possible future dacking.....