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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 14th

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A Stretch in the Snow

FaVorite FiVe: Martin Sosa

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Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff

'The emotional explosion is here/ The emotional experience is yours.'

I first heard of the 1979 film Good Luck Miss Wykoff last spring.  I read an article where it was referenced, and found a copy to download on Rare Lust. I thought of doing a piece then, but there wa so much about the film I struggled with, I decided to put it aside.  Recently, the film, the it's scenes of male nudity, were again brought up on DC.  I decided to give it another look.

The film, based on 1970 novel by William Inge is set in 1954 and featured the rape of a teacher by a scholarship student who cleans classrooms at the end of the school day.  There are so many disturbing themes in the film, that I wasn't sure about featuring it.  The male nudity, although plenty, is both disturbing and incredibly exploitative.   Although FH's focus is the male form, and one could argue, much movie nudity is exploitative, if you see the film, you'll know exactly what I mean.

First off the teacher, Evelyn Wyckoff is white. The male student, Rafe Collins, is black.  Although the film tries to juggle it's racist elements by writing Evelyn as a progressive activist, one who fights for integration within the school, it doesn't really make up for the racial stereotypes depicted.   In addition, although Rafe, played by actor John Lafayette, is a rapist, he is filmed to also be an object of desire.  Each sex scene begins with Rafe slowly stripping in front of Evelyn, each time shown fully naked before he strikes.

Even more however, than the racism, is the sexism and depiction of rape reinforce negative and damaging ideas that for awhile, surrounded rape and sexual assault.  The initial rape in the film is shot not in a romantic way, but in a realistically frightening, and brutal way.  The aftermath however is not.  Evelyn is a virgin, and struggling with coping and depression.  Her doctor recommends, in addition to prescribing a sleeping pill and some hormones, suggests a man would also be helpful.

The rape becomes almost like medicine for Evelyn, medicine she repeats again and again with subsequent unhealthy and reluctant consensual sexual encounters with Rafe.  I say reluctant, as all of their encounters are initiated by Rafe, yet the film makes it clear, that Evelyn is in need a regular dose.

I had never heard of actress Anne Heywood (Evelyn) or actor John Lafayette (Rafe) before, but both, especially Lafayette, were compelling in their roles.  Heywood's career seemed to diminish and peter out after the film, but Lafayette continued to work steadily including recent appearances on shows including; JAG, The West Wing, The Closer, E.R, Weeds, Supernatural and The Following.

The film also has a lot of recognizable faces from television and movies including Donald Pleasence, Robert Vaughn, Earl Holliman, Carolyn Jones, Dorthy Malone and Doris Roberts playing a Marie, long before playing Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.  The film also features Jocelyn Brando, Marlon' sister. Her role was noteworthy as there's a scene where she and Evelyn seem quite excited to head to the movies to see Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Even though there were many questionable themes in the film, there was also something fascinating about it.  Fascinating, in that the movies still pulls you in, with a premise, that in 2020, seems almsot unbelievable. The film at times feels like a soap opera or a bad TV movie, but then there's a scene that lets you know clearly, it is not. As gratuitous as the nude scenes are filmed, there is also something strikingly beautiful about how the camera spends so much time on John Lafayette's incredible body.

Yes, of course the character is horrible, and the film does not try to redeem him, but as exploitative as it is, there were so few movies at the time in which a black male is not only written, but filmed as the sexual object of desire.  The film doesn't shy away from showing Rafe completely naked, in several scenes, and although Rafe is raping, abusing and humiliating Evelyn, his nakedness is both shocking and disturbing but at the same time... completely compelling.

A January Day: The Chromatic One by DC Mike

January is the day after the best day of your life. There's still a glow, but the light lessons with each passing day.

January is one of the year's cruellest months.  Although it begins with a bang, after those New Year's Eve fireworks, it's usually down hill from there.  The anticipation of new beginnings shifts quickly to the reality of the long winter ahead.  The decorations are (mostly) down, and getting back to a normal routine can be difficult.  Snow is exciting around the holidays but depending on where you live, the January chill can be brutal.

Those of us on the East Coast, are currently experiencing a mishmash of precipitation, it's like mother nature can't make up her mind.  A little snow in the morning, a few ice pellets after lunch, then, just to switch things up, a little pounding rain just in time for the drive home.   All of this of course freezes overnight, dangerously hidden under those 'pretty' flurries that float down overnight.

The District of Columbia got it's first significant snowfall last week, and although the temperatures have since gone up, it remains wet, with a promise that the current rain will turn turn back to snow before we know it. Washington weather, especially in January, often can't make up it's mind.  It can be freezing and snowy on Thursday, then warm and sunny again by the weekend.  This shoot, from last January, was on one of those weekends.

Some of you may remember my previous story featuring  The Chromatic One.  Some of the shots in that first piece were of the hot model stripping down for a few self shots while on vacation.  The Chromatic One  especially loves shooting outside welcoming the sun's heat to cascade over his bare skin.  Although there wasn't much heat streaming from the mid-January sun for this shoot, it was warm enough for DC Mike to snap a few shots  on the back porch, before heading back inside.

I first noticed images from Photos by DC Mike a few years ago, and have been following his work on-line since.  I was thrilled then, when The Chromatic One  sent on the series they created last winter. TCO  had also been familiar with Mike's work, was thrilled when they had the opportunity to shoot. Over the course of his career Mike has shot pretty much everything.  From sports and portraiture through boudoir photography and corporate photography.  Currently, his focus has been on shooting covers for romance novels, meaning he often shoots handsome men to be the object of the readers desire.

Although The Chromatic One may be alone in these shots, he appears to be waiting for someone....   It looks like that in some of the shots, that TCO preparing.... possibly striking a romantic and suggestive pose, for whomever he might be waiting for to return. Although warm and cozy inside, that January cold is just outside the door.  Whomever TCO is waiting for, I'm sure they will appreciate the welcoming heat once they arrive.

'I don't have a ton of free time for modeling, but I really liked Mike's portfolio and thought he'd capture some great shots. Most of the shoot was just more casually posing indoors, but I wanted to get a few shots with different scenery so we took a few on a back porch. It was unseasonably sunny and warm, yet still pretty chilly. We didn't stay outside long. We had a great time shooting and I was very pleased with the results!'

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 13th

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Happy Birthday today January 13th

Happy 31st to actor Beau Mirchoff!

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Photographic Porn Stars: Timothy

I've not seen him 'in action', but I love me a hot ginger, and has hired a glorious one!  I'm not actually sure if the site has released any video, but they have released a photo set, and you can see why I wanted give FH a little taste of Timothy Blue.

Favorite's: Martin Sosa

I first noticed model Martin Sosa awhile ago while flipping through new posts on my Instagram feed.  I  kept flipping, and when I went back to find, and save the image, couldn't find it.  Thankfully, a few months later, I saw another shot of Martin's beautiful face, great body and head of hair on a photographer's page, and was then able to check out more of his eye catching work.

Next 5 shots from Benjamin Veronis

I love Benjamin's work, especially his beautiful work with Martin.  Check out my previous piece featuring Benjamin's work on FH HERE:

Last 3 shots from Raul Villalba