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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 2nd

Eric Block by Gordon Nebeker
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Happy Birthday today July 2nd to:

Happy 51st to Jimmy McNichol


Kevin by Dylan Rossser

The month of July sees 6 new models added to, and 2 new contributing photographers, Gregory Adam and Michael Andrew. Gregory Adam gives us three modes with Cameron, Anton, and Giacomo while Michael Andrew brings THE MALE FORM sexy young model Vaughn. Just 19 years old and from Ohio, Vaghn has piercing blue eyes and a huge... talent shall we say.

Vaughn by Michael Andrew

Besides the contributors images, Dylan has 2 exclusive full frontal sets:
- Kevin, shot in NYC a couple of months back. Sexy and masculine, but with a sweetness in his eyes. Totally adorable.
- Sam O, shot in London at the beginning of the year.

'I actually met him at my book launch party in London and he seemed keen to shoot and get naked for my camera. He had not done nude before so it's always an honour to be the first. His pale complexion makes a nice change from the usual bronzed bodies on the site. He is a personal trainer and in great shape.'

Beside the monthly photo updates the site does offer extra content from the likes of BelAmi and Lucas Entertainment! Head on over to THE MALE FORM NOW!!!

Sam O By Dylan Rosser

The Body in the Pool: Eric Block by Gordon Nebeker

I know, The Body In The Pool sounds like the title of a Hardy Boys novel but bear wear with me, a mystery was actually solved. Although the striking face of model Eric Block has never appeared on FH before, his incredible physique has...a number of times.

Over the past year I have done a couple of small features on Salt & Water, photographer Gordon Nebeker's photo exhibition featuring his underwater work as well as images taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was one of Gordon's shots of Eric underwater that became the image which represented the shows, and one I posted several times on the blog. The image was one of my favorites from Gordon and was always curious who the model was in that beautiful image.

Eric has an incredibly strong and unique look. The Pennsylvania model maintains his body through sports and working out and is a certified Personal Trainer. Eric's face is beautifully distinctive with his strong features, olive skin and piercing hazel eyes. Some of my favorite shots from Gordon's work with Eric are by far the some of the truly stunning portraits.

Eric's look has caught the eye of many and he has been a favorite featured on other sites and blogs. In my research, I found on one message boards, viewer comments comparing him to a Greek God, Michelangelo's David come to life and that his incredible face should be on an ancient Roman coin. Although only modeling a shot time, Eric's look has already helped create a variety of work opportunities.

Gordon Nebeker is one of my favorite artists to work with. Not only does he provide breathtaking imagery, he is also keenly aware of my desire for story to accompany them. Instead of just providing info, Gordon took the time to sit down and interview Eric directly for FH. Below, Eric shares a little more about himself and his modeling work! Thanks to both Eric and Gordon for sharing their work, and time with FH! Check out more of my features on Gordon on the blog HERE:

Gordon: Thanks, Eric, for talking with me this morning. I know you are a busy guy right now.

Eric: Yes I am getting ready for a body building type competition which is tomorrow night but happy to talk with you.

Gordon: I know you are not a small guy! How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Eric: I am six feet tall and for the competition, I weigh in at 195 pounds but normally I'm about 205.

Gordon: Were you always like this or what happened to make you want to hit the gym?

Eric: I guess it started in middle school and has continued on with my involvement in athletics. My main sports are football, indoor track, and lacrosse.

Gordon: I know when I show your photographs to people, most of them think you have an Italian/Roman looking face (which they like a lot!) What is your background?

Eric: East European and German background mostly with a few other European genetic strains thrown in there. No Italian, though.

Gordon: And how and when did you decide to start modeling?

Eric: My mother was encouraging me to give it a try and she has been very supportive. I guess I first started modeling about a year and a half ago just shortly before you and I did our first shoot in May of last year.

Gordon: I know you have had some good commercial success with it over the past year. Can you tell us what clients you have worked for?

Eric: Yes, I have been doing fitness related modeling mostly. I’ve done some work for N2N Bodywear and several other fitness wear companies and last fall I shot a campaign for Nike’s new football inspired clothing line. Those ads have started to appear this year on billboards and in magazines. In addition, I am a Flexx Appeal sponsored athlete (dietary supplements) and, after the competition tomorrow night, I become a Men’s Physique Competitor (NPC).

Gordon: Any humorous or interesting experiences in your modeling work?

Eric: None that I can think of at the moment. Each one has been different and my work has gotten me to some cities and locations I wouldn’t have seen otherwise which has been interesting.

Gordon: All of this and finishing up school as well. Very impressive! What have you been studying and what do you hope to do with it?

Eric: I complete my B.S. degree this August and I have been in a pre-physical therapy track in school. I would like to work for a professional sports team organization doing training/therapy but my long-term dream is to start my own fitness related or fitness product company.

Gordon: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start modeling?

Eric: Yes! Have thick skin!! It’s tough out there (competition) and you have to realize that you are a brand. And, as with any brand, someone may like the look you have to offer and some will not. You have to learn quickly not to take rejection personally.

Gordon: Thanks for talking with me. To say it has been a pleasure to work with you over the past year would be a large understatement! You are among the best out there in every way. Good luck with your competition tomorrow night!

Eric: Thanks!

Dreaming Politically correctly

If it were the 1950's or 60's it would be cool to call The Glee Project's Blake Jenner Dreamy! I know it is 2012 so using the word moves from cool to lame, but I cannot really think of a better word to use. So freaking cute, sweet to all those around him and incredibly talented. Consider me crushing...

Now Blake may not the best singer in the group, nor the best dancer, but he might be up there for best actor. What he has is that star quality that you know (and Ryan Murphy knows...) that one has when you see it. A killer grin, and a face and body that is lapped up lovingly by every tv camera the reality show puts on him. My question is what is Blake doing on this reality show. He has a few credits to his name and it is curious as to why a soap opera, a boy band, a tv show has not already scooped him up. Whether he wins or not, it is not to early to predict Blake will be walking the halls of McKinley High School next fall.

What ruins The Glee Project a bit for me this season is the casting. Now I try to be a kind person, hate all thing cruel, but lets be real... in an attempt to cover what seems to be every disenfranchised sector of the teen scene, the producers have brought together an odd, and often annoying mix. I am ALL for inclusion, but besides every possible culture and body type, the show felt the need to throw in a Muslim, a blind contestant, a girl in a wheelchair, a transgendered youth and a rather confusing female Justin Bieber wannabee.

Now let me be clear, I applaud the casting of each and everyone of these talented young performers. I think however, the casting of ALL of them together was a bit much. When you watch a reality show you want to love some, hate some and root for your favorite. It is not really that fun hating on someone with a physical challenge, no matter how annoying (Mario...) that person might be. I always thought the goal was to have differences not impact one's success, but by spotlighting them the way this show has, it sort of hovers somewhere between beautiful inclusion and manipulative exploitation...