Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 13th

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Happy Birthday today July 13th

Happy Birthday today to actor Robert Gant!
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Images of Robert above (from Queer As Folk) via SuperherfanNet

Suddenly...This Summer

'All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness.'
Tennessee Williams

Suddenly, Big Brother has gotten irresistible again! With all the trademarks of a great Tennessee Williams play including the beautiful, and very racist, southern belle, the brooding anti-hero, the awkward homosexual and conflicts between the races, genders and the beautiful vs the non beautiful, a game has finally began.

Although I am not thrilled the hottest guys in the house are being targeted, Nick's eviction last night set off a firestorm of drama. Bed flipping, more racist behaviour from Aaryn, bullying and a distraught Gina Marie getting the vapors at the loss of her man (stalkee). Gina Marie and her wailing were inconsolable for almost an hour after Nick exited the building. If wise, Nick is spending his morning getting a restraining order. Watching Aaryon and racettes implode, especially after Helen (the only Asian member of the house) was well worth sacrificing the eye candy that was Nick.

It is too bad Jeremy (pictured showering here) is such a douche as he is the perfect fantasy bad boy when his mouth is closed.

Jeremy caps via An Undecided Fellow

Young Buck: Jon By Sean Cooper

One of my favorite posts last year featured Sean Cooper's images of Dakota Askins. When I first profiled Sean's work, the Maryland photographer didn't have a site yet to feature his work with the male form. He does now! To formalize my online presence and to find a way to showcase images not normally a part of his paid work, Sean recently started Young Buck Photo, a project he hope both celebrates and elevates the male form. YBP includes many images of Sean's recent work with Dakota as well as many other models including the adorable Jon featured here.

'Jon's shoot was very easy-going and laid-back. It was initially supposed to be just an underwear shoot, but Jon is not the type of guy to do anything "half-assed". He was eager to get his skivvies off for the camera and it shows that he was pretty comfortable. We spent about 75 minutes or so doing some various shots, some of which you can see here. He's got a very interesting line of work and we chatted about various aspects of his journeys, a very likable model! It was also my first time working at this particular studio, which is a HUGE upgrade for the quality of my work, and saves me a lot of time not having to completely set up and tear down at a location shoot.'
Sean Cooper

Be sure to check out more of Sean's work at Young Buck Photo to see quite a bit more of Jon!
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Classic Playgirl: 1991 - Joe Almeida

'It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe.
He's got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow.
He's got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know little Joe's passing by.'

Joe Almeida
Playgirl: Man Of The Month, October 1991
Photographed by Mark Van Dulman

I really don't think we'd get along so well if she didn't like the 'great outdoors,' Joe laughs. 'I mean, I love being surrounded by nature. Incidentally, I spend all of my free time 'alone time' au natural', he sly adds.


Interestingly enough, Joe's photographer Mark Van Dulman (shown below) had his own spread in Playgirl in 1991 as well.