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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 3rd

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Happy Birthday today June 3rd

Happy 37th to Rafael Nadal!

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Saving A Chaise

Except for a few episodes when I was a kid, I've never watched General Hospital.  I am however, up on my soap hunks, especially Nicholas Alexander Chavez.  I previously posted about Nicholas, or more precisely, Nicholas' nips. (HERE:)  This week, those nips were out again in full force, promoting summer in Port Charles.

Although today, all the soaps are filmed in California, most of their murderess and adultery laden small towns are set in the mid-west or on the east coast.  This way, they feature the four seasons and have blizzards in the winter forcing many of their heroine's to give birth in barns and stables.   It also means, come May and June, they unpack the 'pool' sets from storage, and push their youngest and their hottest cast members into swimsuits for the annual summer promo pics.  

In the case of General Hospital, that would include Nicholas, who along with co-star Evan Hofer, are showing off their buff bods in the hopes of luring in teens during their summer vacations.  Nicholas has certainly buffed up over the years and in addition to it showing on his incredible chest, is also evident in his buff and beefed up butt.  Thankfully for us, Nicholas stuck it up in the air to give us a birds-eye view. 

Blast from the Past: Starsky & Hutch

'You're not wearing a badge....'

Starsky & Hutch Pilot (1975)

I didn't watch the entire pilot for Starsky & Hutch, but I watched enough to count three scenes where the show managed to get it's two leads out of uniform.   There were scenes of David Soul in the shower, scenes in locker rooms, gyms, laundry rooms and Soul and Paul Michael Glaser stripping down before entering a steam room.

I'm not generally a fan of guns in visuals, guns anywhere actually, but I did find the steam room scene a bit of an exception.  There was something sort of hot, (and also a little silly) about Starsky and Hutch stripping down but leaving on their guns and shoulder straps.  It's a look, and Soul and Glaser worked it well.

When I was looking to see if either Soul or Glaser had a nude scene on their resume, I initially couldn't find anything, or any site with much info.  A bit of a deeper dive however, uncovered they each had one butt scenes.  Thanks to xyzpdq, and his SOMS archives, I did find a cap from 1977's The Stick-Up.  I couldn't find a decent copy of the film, but then, finally found a copy on Youtube.  The quality isn't great, but the scene below appears to be David Soul's only scene with a little skin.

The Stick Up (1977)

The Great Houdini (1976)

Although not naked, Paul Michael Glaser does look good almost naked, and in chains, as Harry Houdini in the 1976 television flick The Great Houdini.

I always love, and find it interesting when a hot actor's first nude scene is when they're older.  Glaser was one of televisions hottest studs when he was in his thirties.  Glaser waited another thirty years, until he was in his early 60's, to finally unveil the Glasser glutes in 2005's Ladies Night. The film is also on Youtube, but I couldn't find the nudity.  For that, you need to check out the great site, AZNude. 

Ladies Night (2005)

Outtakes & Extras: Noah White by Michael von Redlich

'Noah and I are of a similar mind when it comes to what will work or fail - in some cases, he was more daring than I was '

Although most of their work during this shoot took place outside, there were plenty of opportunities for pit-stops along the way.  In addition to the shots on the previous page, with Noah White playing in a park in downtown Jacksonville, there was the beach shoot that I'll be featuring soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to feature these shots from their interior work, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes and outtakes from the shoot.

Included in the mix were several shots I really loved of an adorable Noah with an equally adorable Husky.  The Husky belongs to one of Noah's friends, and the little fella couldn't help wanting in on the action, nuzzling in, and planting some big wet kisses on Noah during the shoot.  

There were some cool fashion pieces in the shoot, did you bring them or were some Noah's? 
The fur piece I had bought for our first shoot in February and other things either he had or I had gotten them from his Amazon Wishlist. 

What was your favorite part of the shoot? 
Spending time with my friend. 

Who brought the cowboy hat? 
The cowboy hat was totally me from our first shoot 😜 

What was your favorite part about working with Noah? 
He challenged me, and pushed me beyond my own comfort zone, and we had an amazing time- we already have an August shoot booked (this time including Ethan Tate)!

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