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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 16th

Brodie Fisher by Norcal Bodz
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Happy Birthday today September 16th

Rugby's Tom Varndell turns 26 today.

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Model Mike Spadino at designer Jeremy Scott's show during fashion week.

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Kudos to Duckie!

I have never made a secret of the fact I LOATHE Two And A Half Men. I dislike it for many reasons, Charlie Sheen being at the top of the list (and long before Winning became the chant of those losing). What bothers me the most about this show is that CBS brands the show as 'family fare' and would question any parent supporting anyone under 16 watching. The show has talented writers and creators but this is certainly not their best work. The fact it is one of the countries top rated comedy makes me shudder (Thankfully Big Bang Theory narrowly edged into the #1 spot).

I do have to give it up for Jon Cryer, whom I have enjoyed since Pretty In Pink. Jon, and the entire cast really, took a different high road than Sheen, staying relatively silent on the whole Sheen affair even when he attempted to bring down their livelihood with him. Cryer spent his hiatus working, including his role in the incredible production of Company (below). Given his role on Men, Cryer could have spent this time on 20/20, Joy Behar, The Today Show, Extra or any number of shows giving his opinions on Sheen and the whole mess. Instead he sang and danced on stage choosing to let the whole mess play itself out without the need to play a part in it. Kudos to Cryer!

Seeing Is Believing: Brodie Fisher by Norcal Bodz

Sault Ste. Marie (Saint Mary's Rapids) is not exactly internationally well known. Besides the Esposito's, (Hockey Players) the Ontario city is probably most well known for it's main industry, steel making. With the variety of employment opportunities relatively limited, many of the city's citizens migrate to larger cities to pursue their dreams. For Sault Ste. Marie's Brodie Fisher, that larger city was not Ottawa or Toronto but a city whose culture, industries, weather and location ended up far from what what he was familiar growing up with.

Although dreaming was always a part of Brodie's life, growing up, it was not a life that made following them seem easy. It was always a fight financially for his family, just getting buy was tough. Brodie remembers even making friends was made more difficult as he was picked on for everything from his used clothing to his families beat up car. Finding a way to make a living, especially at something you love and excel at, seemed near impossible.

With change they say seeing is believing. That was certainly the case with Brodie. In his freshman year of high school he began lifting, quickly moving to two hours of training every day.

'I was starting to see a change I was getting bigger and stronger kids respected me instead of bullying me. From that day forward I knew I had found my calling I was born to train in the gym and become the best I can be.'

Being the best means working with the best which is what led Brodie to eventually moving to Sacramento California. Shortly after deciding on a life path, Brodie got in touch with Gary Gonzalaz, founder and President of Norcalbodz Photography and Model Management. Gary not only heads the business end of the company but the creative side as well, photographing most of the companies top models.

NorCalBodz (NCB) is ranked one of the top fitness agencies in the country and represents top physique and fitness models nationwide. NCB provides models and photos to an impressive list of sources including; Natural Body Building & Fitness, World Physique, Exercise for Men Only, Men’s Exercise, Mega Muscle, Muscle & Fitness, All American Guys, 2(x)ist, GQ, Details, Papi, Cin2, Sweat Undergear, Beau Monde, Aussie Bum, Calvin Klein, Ginch Gonch, Clever, Go Softwear, and numerous other labels and magazines.

'I have a profound love of the beauty of the human body and I strive to create images that capture a model's unique qualities. I approach photography with an eagerness and respect that is both sensitive and intelligent. A photo shoot can be a cool gig, but it can also be a space for brilliant moments of expression. Which is why I usually bring a preliminary concept to the studio, and also why I appreciate the input of the model's with whom I am working'

These principals, as well as the passion he brings to his work is what sets Norcal Bodz apart from the pack. Gary says there are thousands of aspiring Male Fitness Models living, training, and dreaming of being discovered in the USA.

'Unfortunately, the vast majority will have their dreams dashed because they are simply uninformed and misguided as how to start or build their fitness modeling career path. It is our passion,through the NorCalBodz Photography / NCB Model Management, to make their dreams a reality.'

Focusing on the unique talents and attributes of the models he works with, and including them in the process has led to a reputation of comfortability, professionalism and satisfaction from the models Gary works with. Gary is always looking for new talent, so if you think you have what it takes, check out NCB to find out more!

Gary says that Brodie, is a fitness model who's determined to make it big in the fitness modeling industry, 'Easy to work with and has an amazing physique for being 18yrs of age.' For his part, Brodie gives Gary credit for helping to change his life, turning a passion into a career.

'I may have accomplished a lot in my last few years but I am far from satisfied. My future goal is to become an elite fitness model, seeing how am only 18 and am already gaining experience this doesn’t seem like an out of reach goal.'

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Brodie Fisher - Fitness / Underwear Model from NorCalBodz on Vimeo.