Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Samuel Boux in the Hotel California

One of my favorite models to cover on FH is Montreal's Samuel Boux. I am sure you will remember Samuel and his music from my previous posts featuring the work of photographer Chris Teel who introduced me to Samuel earlier this year. Samuel moved to California this past summer and recently met up with Fearless Project creator Justin Violini when he visited the St. Francis Hotel while in San Francisco. Be sure to see more of the hot shots and read more about the shoot over at The Fearless Project HERE:

Samuel Boux on FH HERE:
The Fearless Project:
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FEARLESS White Rabbit with Samuel Boux from The Fearless Project on Vimeo.

More Ben at Boy:gender

One of my favorite Models shot by Leigh Carter over at Boy:gender finally gets his due with an updated section on Leigh's 'In Bed' Series. Ben is a 22 model from Derby , and has been in the business for a couple of years. You can see much more of Ben and more of Leigh Carter's work at Boy:gender HERE:

Introducing: Singularity Phase

Singularity may refer to any of a variety of concepts.
Phase: A distinct stage of development

From the title I am making the assumption that Wayne from Singularity Phase photography is letting the viewer know his work is versatile, able to meet the needs of the shoot and the model. I will simply say it is wonderful and Wayne is one of my favorite photographers that I have stumbled upon in awhile. I have commented before that photography was something I dabbled in when I was in my late teens and early twenties (not going through the wedding stories and hours of trying to pose a cat). There are certain photographers who immediately make me think 'those are the shots I envisioned myself taking'. Clean, simple, tasteful and of course hot! Using minimal props and fashion, Wayne uses his technique, lighting with a focus on model position to create these beautiful shots.

You can see more of Singularity Phase on MM HERE:

'Photography is about capturing beauty and I find the human body beautiful.'
Wayne from Singularity Phase

Wayne is a part time photographer in Austin Texas. His training was at Glassell School of Art in Houston, and he says that he tries to take a bit more artistic approach to photography and loves doing black & white images for fine art prints.
Wayne says that photography helps keep him sane and so different than his day job. I often hear this from photographers and I so relate as it is one of the reasons I do FH. It is almost a release, a way to unwind from the stress's of real life.

Below: Brian Woodi

Below: Zach Derr

Below: Eric Turner

Below: Lance LaMar