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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 26th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Wet Dreams

'These guys won't be all that's wet around here... In this issue, we bring you buckets full of what you want most-gorgeous, built men who are absolutely dripping.  Time to take the plunge! '

In the 2007 issue Wet Dreams, Playgirl featured some of it it's hottest models, each one, completely naked and dripping wet.  Although there were 12 models featured, there were three that really grabbed my attention.  Check them on the NEXT PAGE HERE:




There's Something About Xander

I used to enjoy a variety of realty shows, but over the years, grew tired of most of them.  I grew tired of Survivor for a time as well, but really got back into it a few years ago.  Like so many fans of the show, I was especially looking forward to this years season premiere.  The pandemic meant the show couldn't film last year, so there was no show for the 2020 fall season.

One of the most exciting parts of each new season is the reveal of this years contestants.  I've learned that you can rarely tell much about them from their pictures and mini-bios, but it's still interesting to see the array of people they choose.  It's also always fun to see how  many hotties might be doing their challenges in wet boxer briefs.

Anyone who remembers Saturday Night Live's 'It's Pat' sketch knows that gender confusion used to be played for laughs.  Mocking someone for appearing genderless was common, and it was an insult to behave attributes from both genders.  Thankfully times have changes.

This year, there was a contestant that intrigued me from the get go. Although I'd seen his picture, I didn't initially recognize him when he appeared on screen.  Like most years, Survivor began the season with the new contestants arriving on a boat.  In the opening scenes, we only caught a few fleeting shots of Xander.  He was standing in the background and I don't remember seeing any close-ups in the shows opening sequences. 

From those first few scenes, I wasn't sure whether the person I was looking at was a man or a woman.  They seemed very tall, but they had a bandana on their head with long flowing hair coming out the sides and back.  I didn't really care the person's gender, I was entranced by their beautiful face. I loved who I learned to be Xander's beautiful lips and facial structure. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who had this experience watching the shows opening.

Once on the island, it was clear it was Xander, the guy I'd seen in the promotional images.  He quickly took his shirt off while participating in the water challenge.  I enjoyed the mystery of figuring out which contestant I'd seen he actually was and remain fascinated with his great face and body, and who he is as a player.  I also have to admit to being incredibly drawn to large beautiful nipples...  

Last Gasp of Summer by Hans Fahrmeyer

'Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.'
George R.R. Martin

Summer is officially over.  Whether you follow the meteorological or astronomical dates for summer, it's officially Autumn.  Today on the East coast though, summer was holding on tight.  Although not especially sunny, it was as hot and humid as it gets.  I stupidly wore a light jacket to the garden center and was sweating  ss I dragged bags of soil out of the store to my car, 

Summer's end for most of us, also means the end of sightings of summer skin.  Guys walking down the street shirtless, guys in bathing suits at the beach or sunbathing in the park.  Although many wear their shorts through to December, the days of driving down the street seeing shirtless guys is officially over until next year. 

It's been awhile since I've posted a Sunday's With Hans, but today seemed a perfect time to feature this series of shots from photographer Hans Fahrmeyer . Although I love Han's nude work, I equally love his images of models in underwear and swimsuits.  Han's work is always eye catching and visually dynamic especially given the vibrant colors he incorporates within his imagery.

Due to his work with several underwear makers, Hans has a acquired a vast collection of underwear and swimwear over the years.  His collection includes almost every style, and every color imaginable.  Hans also seems to know exactly what piece will perfectly hug and highlight the assists of each model that he shoots.

I love the purple on Phil Fusco and the purple clinging tightly to model Nick Ayler. The red wrapped around model Santiago Peralta looks like it could burst at any moment.  The yellow perfectly frames Marcel's man meat and the white beautifully contrasts with Phat Daddy's pubic hair peaking out above.

When I was putting together this piece, I shot Hans a few questions to help me focus the text.  Hans' answers didn't just come with words, but visual to accompany his answers.  Check out my mini-interview with Hans Fahrmeyer, (and the images he sent along) on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Hans Fahrmeyer Photography

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