Saturday, September 5, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

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A Piece of Work

Happy Labor (Labour) Day to those who commemorate the day.

'Take comfort this Labor Day in knowing the pressure to have fun this summer is finally over.'

Just Because: Steven Beck

Playgirl readers undoubtedly recognize the incredibly hunky and hot Steven Beck.  Steven appeared in two group spreads in the magazine, Campus Hunks (2010) and Hunting Camp. (2011)  Although Steven was one of several models spotlighted, he was certainly the stand out for me.

Check out some highlights from his Playgirl spreads on the NEXT PAGE HERE:.  Also, check out more of Steven's modeling work, including some more recent shots HERE:

Scott Caan in A Boy Called Hate

After a run-in with the law, an angry maladjusted young man starts calling himself "Hate". One night he saves a girl from a lusty Assistant District Attorney. He falsely accuses them of robbery, so they go on the run and make things worse.

Last month, while celebrating Scott Caan's 44th birthday, I featured caps from his frontal nude scene in 1999's Speed of Life. (HERE:) When I was looking for scenes I also came upon this clip from a few years earlier on Scenes of Male Skin.

The very brief flash of butt in 1995's A Boy Called Hate, was the actors first time dropping trou for a movie. The film was also Scott's screen debut and his father James was one of his co-stars.

The First Sunday in September: Rob by Male Beauty by bengie

'It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.'
P.D. James

Although I've traveled extensively throughout North America, I have yet to make it to England.  It's a dream of mine to travel to England, one I've written about  the dream several times on the site, usually when featuring a English artist or morel.  Last year, I decided this year would be the year, and began planning for a month long excursion. That trip, was due to begin right about now....

My dream journey, like so many other people dreams and plans, were put on hold due to the pandemic. It may have been for the best, I really want to have enough money to travel throughout Europe and a month might not have been enough time to hit all the places on my bucket list. Although London is near the top of the list, I think I'm most passionate about traveling through the countries small towns, villages and countryside.

If any of you have seen the movie 84, Charing Cross Road, you know the lure that England and the English lifestyle can have on dreamers in other countries.  Although London at Christmas is appealing, I knew I wanted to go in September.  The summer's heat would starting to wain, and I'd still be there at the start of Autumn.  The perfect weather, and the perfect time to walk for hours and explore.

Although I'm obviously not going this September, Male Beauty by bengie and his shots of Rob proved the perfect visual stand-in until the actual trip can occur.  As you can see, Rob and bengie's day in the country started off like many English days, with a bit of rain.  By mid-morning however, the clouds had parted enough for the sun to shine down as bengie shot Rob as he roamed through the fields and gardens.

For most countries, Labour Day is connected to  International Workers' Day, which occurs on the first day of May.  This is day England uses to mark the holiday.  Given however, it's officially Labour weekend for those of us in North America, Rob was more than eager to pick up a hack saw and get to work on the wood pile.  Rob was careful to keep those sharp teeth away from his sensitive area's, and after working up a sweat with his wood, Rob went inside to shower and clean-up.  You can join him in the shower on the NEXT PAGE HERE: