Saturday, December 20, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th

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Snow Devils

It what is a bit of twisted irony, those of us on the east coast, plowed in most of last winter by massive snowfall amounts, are expecting a green Christmas. Green, and for many of us warm, and very wet. I guess that is great for those traveling, but the one bonus of living somewhere with snow is a White Christmas. Screwed by mutha nature yet again. The snow will come though, soon and plentiful.

At The End Of The Day: Ashleigh by Mark Leighton

'That feeling, usually at the end of the day, work is done and you're home. Your shoes, and often your clothes, are off and on the floor, and you're free from the stresses of the day... Even if just temporarily, for the next eight, ten or twelve hours you're time is your. The sensation of both beautiful relaxation and erotic freedom.'

I love the colors photographer Mark Leighton blends into these images of Ashleigh. The oranges, reds and yellows highlighted by the light through the window reflect beautifully as they cascade over Ashleigh's body and skin. A perfect end to the day.

12 Days: Eric Johnson in Call Me Mrs. Miracle

#3 Eric Johnson

2010's Call Me Mrs. Miracle (Miracle In Manhattan) isn't exactly action packed, in fact it moves along almost snail like. It has the feel of an old fashioned tv movie from the 70's or 80's but that is mostly just the pace. The performances, and predictable, yet enjoyable ending do make up for it. Actress Jewel Staite, whom I had not heard of when I first watched, is a breath of fresh air as far as Christmas movie actress's go and Doris Roberts is well... Doris Roberts. Eric Johnson's great smile, adorable nose and blonde hair are always a welcome addition to any (and his many) Christmas movies.

Although he began acting in the early 90's, it was 2001 when most of us first were introduced to Eric as Whitney Fordman in the first few seasons of Smallville. Those blonde bangs made Johnson a perfect rival for Lana's love, if only briefly. Smallville's focus turned more towards Lex and Luther Industries, and most of the highschool part of the show, including Whitney were most abandoned as the series moved forward.

Eric went on work steadily on film and television including heading his own series Flash Gordon for a season. Most recently Johnson has appeared in multiple episodes of Criminal Minds, Saving Hope and Orphan Black. Johnson currently stars along side Clive Owen in the Cinemax series The Knick.

Falcon Beach (2005)


Scorn (2000)

The Grove: Patrick Tarpey by Suntown Photography

'It's all about finding one that show stopper out of the hundreds of images taken on the day. That to me is the fun part.'
Patrick Tarpey

'I drove up to near where Patrick lives as he had told me he knew of a great outdoor location that would be ideal for the shoot. The plan was to set off early in the morning so that we could get there before all the ramblers etc were up and about. For that reason he stayed over at the hotel I was staying in. The following morning we were up and out before 8am. The location was about a 20 minute drive from the hotel. It was accessed by driving down some very windy lanes. Once we parked up we walked about another 30 mins to get to where we could work. Despite the early start and time of year the weather and location were perfect.'

Back in October I wrote a sort sort of tongue in cheek piece featuring the images of Suntown Photography. In the story, Within The Woodlands, we joined Suntown in the great outside, shooting many of the models that has captured over the last year or so. One model in particular stood out. and had me wanting to learn more about him. 24 year old Patrick Tarpey has such a raw and natural appeal in front the camera. Mature, yet beautifully and completely unaffected.

Suntown shares that Patrick was a great pleasure to work with and was was delighted with the results of their two shoots together. I can certainly see why! Patrick looks right at home within the majestic fir tree grove. It was that location I chose to focus on with this piece. Given it was Patrick himself who suggested the location, I am guessing he both familiar and connected to the space, having spent time walking, playing and hanging within the tree's and grove.

Although some of the posed shots are really amazing, I also loved how Suntown captured the entire experience and I equally love the images of Patrick simply walking within the location, preparing for the next set up and shot. Patrick generously took the time to answer the FH questionnaire sharing more about the shoot and his experience modeling thus far.  Thanks to Patrick for his responses, and and to Suntown for sharing their work together.

Getting Started:

'I started out doing an underwear competition called The Complete Package, my mum saw it advertised on This Morning and suggested I apply for it as I'd been speaking about wanting to give modelling a try - the trouble was that I didn't know where to start or who to get in touch with. I sent off a short bio and a few shots that they requested and I was invited down to a shoot in London, travel and food all accommodated for.'

'It was a good experience for me, there was about 7 or 8 other guys there too who were absolutely stacked and we had to all model these skimpy black pants but I wasn't fazed by the situation and that's when I sort of had the realization that I could do more of this sort of thing. Skinny pale me made it down to the last 30 of 1800 applicants and that was the incentive to take up more modelling!'

Oddest stories from a shoot thus far?

'One time I was doing a shoot for underwear and when I was on the train home I realised I was still wearing them, so I messaged the photographer thinking he'd waiver it - but he needed them back! God knows why, but I actually had to put a pair of white budgie smugglers in the post! I didn't bother washing them.'

Strangest Model Mayhem Request:

'You get all kinds of wacky requests, I've had a few guys ask me if I want to move to their condo in L.A. to study acting and drive a Lamborghini - they're always entertaining. I remember one guy messaged me if I wanted to take part in a themed shoot of a bare knuckle fight with loads of other models that morphed into a big gay orgy, I didn't even bother replying.'

Sharing Images With Family & Friends:

'I might show friends and family one or two if they ask, but not really. I did have one image of me with a barn owl stood on my shoulder ages ago, that was a little money spinner for my Tinder account!'

Working Outside With Suntown:

'Outside was better for results, the contrasting of the colours works much better - I have a very pale complexion and the contrasting against the green foliage background worked really well, I should know - I retouched the images myself! Outdoor shooting has a great deal of time elapsing between each scene because there tends to be a lot of walking to find the right area. It was in November, so there were not too many insects and we'd started so early in the day there was pretty much no one about. The weather was overcast but dry, the only problem was that the floor was wet and I'd occasionally slip when scaling obstacles in the forest - which if you're completely naked is probably a hilarious sight,'

Body Parts..

'I play a lot of football and tend to get comments about my legs which are quite defined, but I wish I could work my abs more - the trouble is that I seem to have a love affair with pork pies!'

Why Modeling?

'We're all just vain at the end of the day aren't we?'

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