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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 19th

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A Lascivious Lavation

Earlier this month, I featured Mickey, the newest photo book from StudioMGphotography. (HERE:)  Given I featured Mark's images of Mickey outside, I thought it only natural to come inside. and add a shot of Mickey rinsing off after his day frolicking in the forest and fields. 🌼
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Back Issues: ViVa: February / March 1974

Last month, I featured the December 1973, and January 1974 issues of the vintage women's magazine Viva. (HERE:) Today, I'm spotlighting the next two issues from February and March 1974. Check out the main men from each issue on PAGE 2 HERE:

'You Make Love...
The City is your Stage!

Before hitting page 2, I wanted to share this pictorial from the March issue. I love male/female pictorials from old magazines from seventies and eighties. Growing up, most of the male/female pictorials I saw in magazine had, well, let's just say a harder edge. I actually prefer these sets that are almost G rated by today's standards. This set, The New York Story, was shot by J. Frederick Smith. Although rather tame, it's also visually really sexy and fun.

I'm a romantic. I'm in love with the idea of love. I'm in love with the mystery of love. It's an adventure without end. New York is the perfect city for lovers. It's not the beautiful, magical city that Paris might be, or Rome or Venice, but it has a magic of it's own.

FaVorite Face: Ben Mendelsohn

I posted in January of my new found crush on actor Jason Bateman.  I'd just seen the first two episodes of The Outsider, and was drawn to Jason's work both on, and behind the camera.  I paused after the first half, and only finished the Stephen King created series last week.

The series was so perfectly cast.  In addition to Jason, I was impressed and drawn to the work of Mare Winningham, Cynthia Erivo, Marc Menchaca and especially Ben Mendelsohn.  Even playing a tired and pained police chief, on the hunt for a supernatural killer, there was something incredibly sexy about Mendelsohn.

Below: With Kylie Minogue in Sample People (2000)

I've actually featured the Australian born Mendelsohn twice before on the site, without really paying attention to his brilliance as an actor.  I think I first noticed Mendelsohn when looking for caps of Simon Baker's nude shower scene in the 1999 TV movie  Secret Men's Business. 

 I also remember looking for his nude scene when doing an EMMY feature when he was nominated for his role on Bloodline.  I kept reading about how good Bloodline was, and intended to check it out, but after seeing The Outsider, maybe now's the time.

Secret Men's Business (1999)

Untogether (2018)

Bloodline (2015-2017)

Change of Course: Daniel by Chris Teel

'My favorite shoot so far has definitely been with Chris, just enjoyed the freedom I had.'

FH readers know one of my favorite artists to feature is Toronto based photographer Chris Teel.  I've been featuring Chris' work for over a decade and you can check out all of his past work on the site in my 2016 Quarternate post, which I recently updated.  Chris has had a busy year, shooting many new models before the world came to a screeching halt last month.  When Chris asked me to shoot him some of my favorites, his work with Daniel was at the top of my list.

I was immediately struck by Daniel's great body and strikingly beautiful face. I also really loved Daniel's hair, and how his chosen shade of blonde so perfectly suits and balances his facial structure.  Of course Chris' images also showcased Daniel's many other assets, including his torso, incredible legs and great butt, all flawless showcased by the underwear and jockstraps worn by Daniel, and the angles and poses captured by Chris.

Although Daniel had tried a bit of modeling in high school, it was mostly for fun.  He had helped out a friend with a project that she was working on.  Daniel remembers they shot in her basement which was under renovations, so while he was in a formal white dress shirt and tie, he was surrounded by sawdust, plastic sheets, ladders and a multitude of tools spread out all around him.

After high school, Daniel again thought about giving  modeling a try, and describes feeling lost in terms of who he was, and what he wanted to do with his life.  Daniel decided to take the safe route and decided to attend university and enrolled in a Biomedical program which could lead to a steady career.  The hazards of picking the safe choice however, are gnawing regrets about missing out on pursuing your passions. After just three weeks, Daniel left the program and immediately signed up with a modelling academy in Toronto.

As far as shooting in just jockstraps, or in nothing at all, Daniel shares he's wasn't especially nervous and describes himself as a very relaxed and open person who isn't shy at all.  Daniel had some experience being naked in public at nude beaches in the past.  Although he's kept his more 'mature' work from most of his family, his partner was happy with the idea and supportive of his desire to pursue modeling.

Below: Daniel sporting a jock by Raw Designs

'Before I decided to shoot for photos of implied or nude I did have to consider if it might be detrimental to my professional life and my family. A lot of times people can get very uncomfortable with the idea.  I eventually  stopped worrying about what people might think and started doing things because it's what I want.'

Daniel thoughts on...

'In terms of boundaries I wouldn't want to shoot anything offensive to someone's beliefs or race. That can be a wide range of things but I haven't been presented with anything I've found offensive or too vulgar to shoot as of yet.'

'I suppose the best compliment I've gotten is how handsome my face is.  I really love my hair but I think more people are looking at my eyes or arms.'

Staying Fit During a Pandemic:
'I definitely try and hit the gym as much as possible right now that's not doable so I've been using resistance bands at home.'

Advice to New Models:
'My advice to a young model would be don't overthink it. If you want to do it, let it come naturally. People can tell when you're over posing or don't feel comfortable. Also practice your faces in a mirror learn what angles work for you and remember them. Also don't focus on how many fans you have number is not important what's important is liking what you're doing and being proud of what you put out.'

Working with Chris Teel:
'With Chris I really felt his enthusiasm. A lot of other people I've shot with can be very serious during a shoot, Chris was easy going, relaxed and took his time.'

Why He Likes Modeling:
'I think I like modelling mainly because it amazes me how different I can look from shoot to shoot like a new person. It fascinates me that effects of lighting and makeup on a person. I don't really have any dream scenarios, I just really like being part of other people's creativity and ideal shoots.'