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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 6th

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Happy Birthday today October 6th

Happy 44th to actor Ioan Gruffudd!

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Heroes, Healers & Hustlers

Patrick Bolton

I haven't watched Survivor with any real regularity in a few years, but a trio of hotties has be tuning in this season. This year, the three teams are divided into Heroes, Healers and Hustlers, and although there are quite a few contestants to covet, I narrowed it down to my favorite from each team. Although it was neck and neck with Devon, (who looked amazing swimming underwater in his low hanging boxer briefs) I had to go with Patrick. Gingers get me every time, although Patrick's attempt to be the tribe's clown seems to be putting a target on his back, especially with the anti-social and void of fun lesbian.

John 'JP' Hilsabeck

The hero team's JP was initially on my radar until he stripped down week one to prove he was hiding an idol down his pants. Turns out there was nothing down the LA firefights shorts that shouldn't have been there and JP didn't seem to really mind yanking them down to prove it.

Cole Medders

24 year old Cole Medders uses his job as a Wilderness Field Instructor to help heal the trauma's of struggling teens. I'm guessing the smoking hot Cole doesn't wear his tight clinging wet striped undies while at work.  Too bad, I find them incredibly healing.

Nature's Spotlight: Henry Lim by Mark Leighton

'I never knew I could look that hot in a picture!'

Last year at this time, to mark the site's 10th birthday, I reached out to some of my favorite artists to be a part of the celebration. Photographer Mark Leighton, whose magnificent imagery has been a part of FH since 2009, returned with an incredible set of images from his recent work with 26 year old model Henry Lim. (Ten)

Each time I feature Mark's work, I am always beautifully reminded how skillfully Mark blends man with nature. Mark so clearly loves the scenic beauty and optic grandeur of Portugal, both his home, as well as the location and back drop for much of his work. Mark's love of the location shines through in his images, and is also something he obviously shares with the models he works with.

Many photographers shoot men on the beach, but Mark's shoots men with the beach, or the rocks or anywhere he aims his lens. They become a part of the environment in a way that has you feeling they're not just visiting a location, but are a part of it. Through his images, viewers feel similar sensations that the model must have been feeling as they lay on the sand, play in the water and feel the heat of the sun beating down over their skin and bodies.

Henry Lim personifies this beautifully and Henry embraces the environment, the light and the experiences of working along the beaches in Lagos. Mark says that Henry needs little to no direction, 'Give him the location and the wardrobe and he will take it from there!' Henry creates such extraordinary and fluid lines and curves with his body which flow and contrast beautifully with the sites that surrounds him. The Rotterdam based model has joined Mark to shoot in Portugal over the last two years, and over and Mark has assembled over 100 images together for a new book entitled, Embracing he Light.

'The title "Embracing the Light" came to me because of the way that Henry completely envelops whatever theme we are shooting in. Also on one lucky occasion when we were shooting on the west coast in the morning, as he stood on the beach, the sunlight reached his head, with the rest of his body in shadow. It looked quite dramatic, like nature's spotlight on him.'

'We decided to take advantage of that and did several shots of him, mainly in the shadow but with the sunlight gradually inching down his body. That moment came to mind when I was editing for the book because from that time onward, we were both looking for different types of natural light that we could explore - and in Henry's case, embrace.'

Most of the images featured in the piece are not in the book, but extra images taken during the same shoots. You can preview and check out more of Embracing the Light on Blurb HERE:

Kyle Bornheimer: Two Gays of the Week

I think I first noticed actor Kyle Bornheimer back in 2008 when he was in the short lived sit-com Worst Week. I don't think I actually watched the show, but I distinctly remember an almost naked Kyle in most of the promo ads and commercials wearing nothing but a sheet wrapped around him like a diaper.

I next remember seeing Kyle in another short lived series a few years later called Perfect Couples. This sit-com also starred David Walton, an actor I continue to crush over. Both Kyle and David have been in many pilots and series that haven't taken off as well as many great turns guesting on other shows. Last week, the first week of the new prime time schedule, Kyle turned in two memorable roles.

Will & Grace

We first saw Kyle on the premiere of Modern Family, playing the recipient of Mitch's first kiss. We saw Kyle again the following night, as a secret service agent on Will & Grace, this time, flirting with Jack. Dispute his many gay roles, the adorable and sexy Kyle appears to be a happily married man, and by the tweet below, also a great husband and father.

With David Walton in Perfect Couples

'I march for my wife & the amazing young women she mentors. And for my 2 boys. We will raise them to be the opposite of Trump.'

Worst Week


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