Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 13th

Mike by Artistic Male
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Happy Birthday today May 13th

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Happy's Mothers Day

For those with wonderful mothers, you are blessed. For those who have lost their mothers the pain I know can be unbearable. For those with not so great mothers your not alone! For those so inclined, here are a couple of past Mothers Day themed posts, first, my thoughts on what a mother is and also my list of some of the worlds worst mothers.

Images from Andrew Bowman

Workshop: Mike by Artistic Male

With the recent election, and the results of voting on Amendment 1, it is important to remember that almost every State has struggled with certain issues. Even New York and California, generally perceived of as liberal and progressive, have struggled with laws surrounding gay marriage. North Carolina is more than last weeks vote, that is a temporary set back. Like other States, it will change, it is inevitable.

North Carolina has a rich history and breathtaking beauty, an incredible backdrop for the many artists who live and work there. Over the past year I have profiled several photographers who come from the Old North State. I have had several shots from Durham's Artistic Male in a folder for awhile. I love the artists focus on body and form with beautiful classic poses and lighting.

'I love the male form and it is my desire to express it artistically.'
Brian (Artistic Male)

Brian has been taking pictures since he got his first camera at five years old and says he has always been drawn to the male form in its various types. Brian has been shooting the male physique for about 10 years. Some of my favorite shots from his portfolio were of Mike. Usually when profiling an artist, I like to find out a bit about he model as well, but in this case Mike is going to have to remain a bit of a mystery. These beautiful images did not come from hours of planning but instead were the results of a workshop Brian took part in with other photographers. Mike was one of three models involved and each photographer had individual shoots with each the models as well as shooting them as a group.

Check out more of Brian's artistic expression on his official site, Artistic Male and ModelMayhem

Epitomized: Lachlan Buchanan

Many of you I am sure have seen shots or clips of actor Lachlan Buchanan running naked with Xavier Samuel from the 2008 coming of age film Newcastle. I saw the shots online a couple of years ago but only recently enjoyed actually watching the film.

For me, Lachlan epitomizes the North American ideal of an Aussie beach hunk with his surfer body and blond wavy hair. Lachlan began working on stage at the age of 8 and later went on to spend time on the Australian drama's Home and Away and Blue Water High. The actor has been working in the US the last couple of years on American television in shows like Hung, Working Class and most recently in Pretty Little Liars.

Newcastle (2008)