Thursday, January 24, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 25th

Eros Rising by Lights on Studio
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Getting A Jump On

Mattress Ballet

Eros Rising by Lights on Studio

Casa de Rosado presents EROS RISING
Images by Tom Nakielski

 January 26th to February 18th
Opening reception: January 26th - 3pm to 8pm.

Over the last year or so, FH readers have mostly been treated to photographer Tom Nakielski's holiday themed images.  Tom has been wonderful with putting together erotic, colorful and creative images to help the site celebrate many the holidays that I love to highlight on the site.  If you think back a little further however, you may remember many of my earlier pieces featuring Tom's work included classic bodyscapes, clean, long lines with a dramatic flare that's a signature to Tom's imagery, and one of the reasons I was first attracted to his work.

'Tom's interest in photography was sparked by Life magazine in the '50s. Fascinated by all the spectacular images, he never missed an issue. Tom purchased a camera with his first paycheck while working at Chrysler Corporation as a machine operator. When serving in Viet Nam he ditched his gas mask and carried his Minolta everywhere.' 

'Later, Tom studied special education at Michigan State University. After graduating he taught for a year and realized his heart wasn't into being a teacher and began working in a retail camera store. He became the sales manager in one of the branch stores. At that time he took some introductory photography classes at Lansing Community College.' 

'Tom's fate changed when a model came into the store looking for someone to take some photos of him for a model agency. Although Tom had never photographed models before, he volunteered to do it. The agency liked the images and asked if Tom wanted to be the agencies photographer. With no prior experience with models, he was apprehensive about taking the assignment. Having no equipment, Tom improvised an umbrella light like he had seen professionals use in photo magazines. He bought a rain umbrella, covered it with foil and taped it to a light stand and set up a studio in the attic of his duplex apartment. It was sink or swim. Looking back at those images, Tom says the agency director must have been desperate for a photographer. But he quickly caught on and begin 
developing a style.'

'Eventually, Tom opened a small studio. Experienced with only black and white photography, Tom did his own processing of film and prints. When a model asked to have high school senior portraits taken, Tom again was apprehensive about the new direction. But it was sink or swim once again and he was now not only photographing models but doing senior portraits too. That led to family portraits, weddings, pets and miscellaneous assignments. His studio grew and he had a staff of 3 people.'

Since Tom's retirement, he's been able to take his photography in a new direction, pursing his passion in creating fitness and fine art images with a focus on the male physique as an art form. With his new direction and style in place, Tom's work began getting noticed, and I'm thrilled that I not only noticed, but am able to share Tom's skill, creativity and vision on FH. Tom's brings each of these attributes together for his new exhibit, EROS RISING, opening this Saturday the 26th at Casa de Rosado in Lansing Michigan.  If you're in the area, before to check it out!  EROS RISING runs through February 26th. 

ACTORS & Skin: Jeff Daniels

I had a few signs over the last year that actor Jeff Daniels should be in line for a future appearance in my Actors & Skin feature.  FH readers know that with Actors & Skin, I try to find all, or as much as, an actor's on-screen nudity as I can possibly find.

The First sign was my feature on actor Holter Graham from last June. (Favorite Face) The piece on Holter had me re-watching Fly Away Home and realizing how hot the bearded Daniels looked in the film, especially when running out of his house in just his undies.  This past Christmas, I was again reminded Daniel's was due his turn in line when hunting down images of Jim Carey for my 12 Days feature on the Grinch, and images of Grinch's goods. (HERE:)

Terms of Endearment (1983)

The most recent, and final sign, was while reading a review of Daniels' role as Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin's Broadway production of To Kill A Mockingbird.  I loved the book, I loved the movie, and loved reading how well received the new stage version, and Daniels' performance is being received.

As it often happens with many actors I crush over, my interest often beings with an image more often than a film.  With Daniels, it was on a message board, a screenshot I saw years ago of Daniels lying naked on the bed from  1986's Something Wild.  Although I'm sure I'd seen Daniel's on film before, I know I saw Terms of Endearment when I was a kid, but had not really taken note of the blonde actor until seeing that image.

Sweethearts Dance (1988)

There was something about the image.  The cute blonde, clean cut guy, handcuffed and naked with Melanie Griffith standing over him.  Daniel's little butt looked adorable, and that quick screen shot told a great story on it's own, one much better I think in my mind, than the one I eventually saw in the film.  Check out my look at Daniel's on-screen nudity in the Skin part of Actors & Skin in the post below.

Fly Away Home (1996)

Actors & SKIN: Jeff Daniels

As dapper as actor Jeff Daniels looks all dressed up, he looks equally appealing sans suit with adorable backside splashed across the big screen, or the small screen, where you can pause and repeat in slow motion. Daniels' first nude appearance on Screen as at age 31 in 1986's  Something Wild.  His most recent butt bare was a quick scene in 1999's My Favorite Martian, when Daniel's derriere was still looking fine at age 44.

My Favorite Martian (1999)

Dumb & Dumber (1994)

Love Hurts (1990)

Something Wild (1986)