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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 29th

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Happy Birthday today May 29th

Happy Birthday to actor Gregg Sulkin!

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Just Because: Paranoia

I am not sure there is any other current actor doing it for me quite the way Liam Hemsworth does. A couple of weeks ago he was looking pretty hot in a suit walking the red carpet at Cannes. This week, the suit is off and Hemsworth is cooling off in the pool in a scene for his new movie Paranoia, a thriller co-starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

The Replenisher: Matt by Donald Chambers

There is a reason that most of the photographers I have profiled describe photography as a passion. We love lots of things, family, friends, partners, puppies and kittens and going to the beach. There are things however that separate passions from being just another love...

We can love many different people and many different things, but we are usually only passionate about one person or one thing. We like to do things we love, but with a passion, it is more of a compulsion. When my body talks to me about red meat, it is more than just a want, it is a need. A compulsion that if not filled, leaves us less than we are than when we give in to it.

Nashville photographer Donald Chambers has thankfully, given in to his passion. Donald's images feel like the result of the completion of an elegant compulsion. Erotic images full of both respect and grace. Donald is doing what he is passionate about and that passion flows beautifully through his all of his work. When my spirit requires replenishing, it is usually a visual and/or emotional burst of stimulation that brings balance to my equilibrium, Donald's images accomplish that in spades.

Donald's primary love had always been landscape photography. Over the years he has photographed pretty much every national park in the United States and most of Canada. Just recently he returned from a trip, and a shoot, in Machu Picchu Peru. About five years ago, Donald was introduced to portrait photography and has not looked back.

'My landscapes now come in the form of the human body. I love the male form and consider it an amazing honor when a model allows me to capture such a private part of their life.'

Over the past several months I have had a few models write me about their images. Some were applying for new jobs and were concerned about the impact the images might have on their prospects. Donald is fully aware of the power of the internet and takes time to meet with every model to assess their comfort level. Donald also cautions them about the eternal life of an image on the net. This respect for the models he shoots speaks again to Donald's passion for his work as well as the professionalism he exhibits.

'One time I apologized to a model about my enthusiasm, he said you should never be sorry about loving your art. That really stuck with me because I really do love my art.'

When I profile an artist, I usually point to the one image that compelled me to contact them about a feature. To be honest, with Donald's work, that first image I saw was not of Matt. When I started putting together my favorite images however, without noticing at first, almost all of the images I had chosen were of Matt. There was just something about Donald's images of the 23 year old that sort of summed up all I felt about his work. Donald's images of Matt simply made a beautiful impression. Great body and an ease in front of the camera, but most of all those incredible hazel eyes. Matt's eyes are hypnotic. When he is staring directly at the camera and even when looking down or away, they are so full of emotion and depth.

'Matt doesn't have conventional model looks but I think that what attracted me to him, he was so expressive and his entire soul is in his eyes. I just loved that aspect of him. He was so beautiful and sensual and it just came so easy to him, you have to admire that and be a little envious of it too. I loved working with Matt, he had the beauty of youth and the beauty of an amazing soul.'

Disseminating Damon's Derriere

The first time I saw actor Matt Damon on screen was in 1992's School Ties. I remember going with a group of friends and although many were bored with the private school drama, I was in Heaven watching Brendan Fraser, Chris O'Donnell, Cole Hauser and Randall Batinkoff. Although I was mostly crushing over Brendan and Chris at the time, I certainly took notice of Damon for his both his acting, and of course, when he dropped his towel to join to join the others in the shower scene showing his cute little backside.

School Ties (1992)

Damon has been an interesting actor to watch. Although he has certainly used his talent, looks and appeal to take on blockbusters like the Bourne series, Damon has also taken on smaller movies with more character driven parts, such as the object of Jude Law's affection in 1999's drama The Talented Mr. Ripley.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

At 42, Damon is still looking mighty fine and a meatier Matt, still delivers. The movie was watchable, good, but not great. I had a small issue with Damon in this role, as think it significant that Scott Thorson was 17 when first seduced by the 60 plus year old piano player. Although Damon was terrific, he still could not quite pull off 17 which I think will change the way the relationship will be perceived by viewers. Michael Douglass was good, I could not help but feel he missed an opportunity by downplaying the role. Although Douglass still played Liberace as a manipulator and predator, he gave him almost the same degree of flamboyance on and off the stage which I found made it more difficult to see him more of a caricature more than the real person I had hoped the movie might unmask.

Behind the Candelabra (2013)

The movie really did belonged to Damon..His scenes demanded your attention, and not just because of his lack of wardrobe. The movie wasn't so much a Liberace piece as much as it was Scott's journey through his six year old relationship with the entertainer. Damon was able to bring a real face to the plastic one, most people got to know in magazines and newspapers.