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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 28th

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Happy Birthday today February 28th

Happy 50th to actor Robert Sean Leonard!

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Robert with Ethan Hawke

Dead Poets Society (1989)

The Bottom Line

Gothicly Inclined: Elvis Bogdanovs by JBDI Photography

I've always been a little Gothicly inclined, especially to the associated visuals.  I can't stand an all white or lightly colored room.  Any space filled with just sun without shadow is a space I usually avoid.  There a depth in Gothic visuals, in the shadows, in the details, in the rich reds, blues and purples which shine in the surrounding darkness. 

FH readers are aware of my love for Halloween imagery, but passion goes beyond the witches and goblins surrounding the October holiday.  There's an erotic intensity surrounding embracing the dark sides of humanity, and level of risk, and even erotic desperation, when the shadows illuminate the sensual.

I first introduced FH readers to Jon's (JBDI Photography) work with Elvis Bogdanovs earlier this month. (En Route') The images in the first piece focused on the glamour and fitness shots Jon captured during his second shoot with the London based model.  I don't think Jon initially intended to add a Gothic element into the second part of their shoot, but sometimes one prop can inspire an overall visual tone and theme.

Without any props or fashion, Elvis in naturally intensely sensual in front of the camera and Jon felt his ability to create erotic drama would be a great fit with a candelabra that he had purchased from Ebay.  Jon quickly put together a set using an antique sofa, glassware, some artificial fruit and an array of vibrantly colored chiffon.

'Jon's extremely talented with his work and when working together, we always come up with fantastic ideas. We worked on quite a few looks and ideas, one of my favorites was using elegant chandelier  in the creation of a theme.'

FaVorite Import of the Day: Adrián Rodríguez

'Whenever I do something on TV, it's my turn to undress...'

It was of course an image of an undressed Adrián that first drew me to the Spanish actor and singer. The image was of a naked Adam with then girlfriend Mireia Parió in the Spanish magazine Primera linea and when you scroll down to see some of the shots, you'll understand why.

There is something about a hot baseball cap wearing hip hop hunk with a rough edge, but a soft beautiful behind and beautiful eyes. Adrián got his start on television with roles in the TV series Los Serrano and David on the teenage drama Física o Química. (Physics or Chemistry)   David was struggling with his sexuality on the series, but eventually comes out of the closet in part due to his attraction to Fer. (Javier Calvo)

Adam for Shangay

Física o Química

Primera linea

'Adrián and Mireia have posed completely naked , showing that they are in top form and showing the sexual chemistry that exists between them. "Once we have recorded making sex, and we have seen great, we are very good' says Adrián'

Adrián and Mireia Parió posed for the magazine several times before they broke up in 2015. Primera linea is actually a men's magazine, which is why you get so many shots of Mireia's bountiful breasts. Thankfully, the magazine also had most of their male models and celebrities naked, and included solo shots of the men in the print and on-line version of the magazine.

Spanish personality and presenter Torito Quique (with Adrián below) wrote a celebrity column for the magazine in it's final years managed to get himself in many of the magazine's shoots and managed to do some CMNM shots with most of the models and celebrities who posed nude for the magazine. Tough job if you can get it....