Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 21st

I know many of you love Shawn and Marlen Boro shares even more with us this week!

Happy Birthday today July 21st

Happy Birthday to Josh Hartnett who turns 33 today!

Just Because: Women I Love

Every now and then on FH I also like to also showcase some of the women I love. There is something so cool about model, photographer and writer Kelly Bensimon I find incredibly hot! Kelly is certainly one of the women I love.

Third Times The Charm.... Joe Manganiello

I have not read the books so not sure who Sookie ends up with but HBO's True Blood certainly provides the character with a bevy of hot men. (Personally I really would like her with Sam...) First up the very hot Stephen Moyer followed by the even hotter Alexander SkarsgÄrd and then with the the achingly sexy Joe Manganiello.

The show has been a little stingy showing us Joe Manganiello's body, even though he seems quite proud to show it off in Men's fitness magazines, but this week we got a wee bit more. The former athlete works hard to keep fit and this year was named one of the World's 25 Fittest Guys by Men's Fitness Magazine.

From this week:

Saturday Morning: Shawn by Marlen Boro

It seems Marlen Boro and Shawn often meet up to shoot in the mornings. Two weeks ago I showcased Marlen work with 22 year old actor and model Shawn with a series entitled 'Morning Coffee'. Given the backdrop for this shoot was 'The Window' it made sense once again to choose a morning, this time early on a Saturday, to capture Shawn with the with the natural light only that time of day can provide.

Male Boudoir by Photographer Marlen Boro