Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 27th

Jason by Shax Carter
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Happy Birthday today December 28th

Happy 46th to actor Joe Manganiello!

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Thespian Torsos

Ezra Moreland: FaVorite FiVe

Ezra Moreland
FaVorite FiVe

Ezra by Mario Aragon

Height: 6'1.5"
Suit: 41"
Waist: 31"
Shoe: 10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Ezra by Adam Washington

Ezra Moreland on Instagram

Ezra by Marco

Last 2 shots from CThomas Photo

A Winter's Retreat: Jason by Shax Carter

'Our work continued well over a year.'

This past September, I featured the work of photographer Shax Carter and his work with Jason. (HERE:)  I was encouraged by Jay from Unlimited Male to check Shax's portfolio and I'm certainly glad that I did.  When I was viewings Shax's portfolio, I was immediately drawn to the photographers work with Jason.

I loved the angle of the back and butt shot and Jason's beautiful dark hair and natural body hair.  When Shax sent on his work with Jason he shared that they'd worked together several times over the course of a year.  Shax enjoys focusing on one model when he's able as it gives him the chance to capture different looks, work in different locations and build a creative connection over the course of their work together.

I was surprised just how many different styles and themes Shax and Jason shot together.  I was especially surprised at the changes in Jason's appearance.  The clean shaven model with sleek dark hair in the first set of images had a classically handsome look, perfect for the pages of GQ Magazine.  

In the second set of images, Jason had grown some sexy scruff on his face, matching the hair on his legs and on his butt.  His hair was also lighter and tousled, more Kurt Cobain, and suited for the cover of Rolling Stone or SPIN magazine than for GQ.  

When I first went through the images, I admit I had a preference for his dark hair and clean shaven look.  In part, I think it was because it was that look, that I first saw when checking out Shax's work.  As I spent more time with Shax's shots however, Jason's scruffy, sexy blond look took the lead by a mile. 

I especially loved this set of shots.  I tucked them away due to the location.  I loved the wood and the cabin Shax shot at, and thought it would be a great piece for the winter.  Although most people head to the cabins in the woods in the summer, I love a winter retreat with little to do but enjoy a fire and hikes and acclivities that only the surrounding woods can provide. 

As hot as Jason looks completely nude, I though Shax's choice to shoot him in only white Calvin Klein's and cowboy boots was an inspired choice.  Jason rocks that look and this set of images definitely became my favorites.