Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day

Lyle by Marlen Boro
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A Winter's Escape

Once or twice a year the time becomes right to take a little bit of a blog break. The next couple of weeks are looking fairly busy for me with a couple of events (one I am still thinking of ditching....) a few day trips and one weekend away. Feels like a pretty good time to take my leave for a short while.

Field of Dreams by Manuscript Photography

Thanks to all of you who made FH a regular stop on your daily on-line travels. The blog again grew quite dramatically in viewership since the summer so if you're new, please take the time to check out the artists (list below) who have taken the time to share with myself and readers of the site. I know it is more than a bit pretentious, but with the so many wonderful artists, stories and images showcased on FH over the last 12 months I have done a bit of a sum up. The best part of doing FH is sharing the work, the worst...seeing the incredible images and all the hard work go onto the second page each time I update.

See you all soon!

Snowmen by Richard Rothstein

A Bit of Blue