Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 12th

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Happy Birthday today November 12th

Happy 35th to actor Ryan Gosling!

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Pulsing Palpitations: Giacomo Gianniotti

I have pretty much given up on Grey's Anatomy, have not watched regularly in a little over a year. I still love me some Justin Chambers, but the shows need to have 'ratings grabbing' disasters and mass shootings eventually turned me off. But... I am of course a sucker for an adorable face, and of course an adorable face not wearing a shirt. Grey's certainly did a good job a few weeks ago promoting the hell out of an upcoming shirtless scene.

Well dammit, it worked on me, and I wasn't really disappointed it worked. I was introduced for the first time to Dr. Andrew DeLuca played by the incredibly sexy actor Giacomo Gianniotti. Giacomo has that face, that body and that perfect hair that may actually have me DVR in order to ff to his scenes... Giacomo has only been acting for about 5 years but has appeared in short stints on a few shows including, Reign, Selfie and The Murdoch Mysteries. Hopefully, he will stick around Seattle Grace will be a little bit longer.

Giacomo's ice bucket challenge

Giacomo on Grey's (Old Time Rock and Roll, October 15, 2015)

Claudio Marchisio: Caldo Centrocampista!

Italian footballer Claudio Marchisio, who plays as a midfielder for Juventus and the Italian national team has been on the field most of his life. Claudio, who made his breakthrough in 2008 and just signed an extension for another five years. Like many superstars of sports, Claudio has done his fair share of modeling and to me looks equally hot in a suit on the cover of Italian GQ, or in his undies modeling for Dolce & Gabbana.

Although I don't have a preference for Claudio in or out of his clothes, I do think he looks exceptionally hot with his facial hair. Claudio is one of the sports most popular players and is affectionately known as Il Principino, The Little Prince, , a nickname he acquired from his Juventus team-mates because of his style and care with his clothing choices, as well as his calm and relaxed manner while on the field.

Claudio Marchisio & fellow fooballers for Dolce & Gabbana

Thankfully Italians still love to hang out around beaches and pools in their speedos. Claudio seems partial to black and lime green and also to yanking them down to give his well toned ass a little fresh sea air.

Expressions: RomanK:

Soon after starting to shoot , Roman had to decide whether to take it all off for the camera. With his main motivation to model being financially based, the decision was an easy one. Roman shares he didn't feel any pressure to shoot nude, but knew that if he didn't, he wouldn't be capitalising on all of the jobs and opportunities that might be available to him.  So far, Roman shares his experience has been mostly positive, well except maybe for the time he was climbing up a tall tree, completely naked as the photographer clicked away.

If there was one situation shooting naked was a little stressful, it wasn't about being nude in front of the camera, it was more about who else was naked beside him. Roman's most stressful shoot also ended up being one of his favorites. It was a commercial shoot for a nude couples resort. Roman says it was a little difficult at the beginning, but the other model was such a pro, he soon felt more relaxed and loved that they ended up getting some great photos.

'I had never done such nude photo session before, with a female model, so my was adrenaline was flowing. My female partner was very beautiful and naked almost all the time. So.... I had to be to work hard to be very "professional"...)'


Some of my favorite shots of Roman are from New York photographer Rawle B. I have featured Rawle's work on FH Before and love how he photographs the male form and the sensuality he brings out in his models. This sensuality is certainly beautifully intense with Rawle's images of Roman on the bed. I love the mood set and Roman's beautifully sexy poses.

In addition to a paycheck, Roman says he also loves the opportunity to express himself emotionally through his work. This was certainly evident in this set of images. Roman also noted he loves that modeling, and the images captured help to capture certain periods and moments in his in his life.

When I asked what parts of his body get the most compliments, Roman responded that he often gets compliments about his arms, chest and butt. II would also add his beautiful dark eyes, but won't come as a surprise to many, that Roman's butt certainly captured my attention. I thank the photographers, and Roman of course, for sharing these particular moments in time.