Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 13th

Had to add one last shot of Greg Kelley who I profiled the other day.
This stunning shot by Sean P. Watters.

Happy Birthday today June 13th to:

Happy Birthday Today June 13th to:

One of Stade's cutest, Arthur Garrigue turns 27 today.

Yeah, you have seen all the pics below before, but they are still some of my faves of Chris Evans who hits 29 today.

Last pic via Casperfan!

Pole Vaulter Romain Mesnil turns 33 today.

Actor Julian Gil turns 40 today.

Former member of the boy band Menudo, Charlie Masso turns 41 today.

Actor Richard Thomas turns 59 today.

Just Because: Comments

I don't want to be one of those people begging for comments. I have said this before. And I go again.

FH currently is getting more hits than ever. That thrills me, thank you all! (At posting time today, FH just hit 5 million hits!) Photographers, models and actors are sending material and participating in posts often showcasing some original material. Yet... when I open the blog to post comments there are usually about 10 to 15. About 14 of them are computer generated bot posts usually trying to get you to buy some pharmaceutical product. If you like the blog please take the 4 seconds to give a shout out to the people whose work is showcased. You can do it quickly, anonymously and easily. It is important, especially for people trying to make it in the business to get feedback.

Rant over!

Tonights TV: The Tony Awards

Above: Aaron Tveit and Stockard Channing.

Readers of FH know I love the stage. I love to focus on stage actors who don't often get the attention they deserve. Whenever I am in New York (and it has been a few years since my last trip) I try to hit as many shows as I can. Thanks to the Internet though I can keep on the shows and actors. One of my favorite award shows has to be The Tony's. (you can see my full list of acting nominee's at my previous post HERE:)

Last years Tony's gave us that Opening number as well as great performances from Next to Normal (a show I am still obsessed with), West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, Billy Elliot and more. It was the Tony's that introduced me to 'In The Heights' (The soundtrack is still a staple when I am in the car) and as well introduced me to many shows and actors whose work I now enjoy. Tonight's show, hosted by Sean Hayes will feature performances from all the nominated shows including La Cage aux Folles.
If you have never watched, give it chance it went from a show I once avoided to one I never miss.

Below: Matt Cavenaugh and Josefina Scaglione in West Side Story.

Below: Nick Adams and the cast of LA Cage Aux Folles.

Favorite Face of the Day: Arshan Pouladdej

Illinois model and athlete is currently attending university, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Arshan keeps fit by working out and competing in Track & Field.
Modeling & Fashion have became a huge part of his life and hope to make it a career.
Arshan has a stunning face and nose that belongs in front of a camera lens. It conveys both beauty and strength.

Arshan Pouladdej

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 172 lbs
Waist: 32
Shoe: 11
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Black
Skin color: Tanned

Love the three shots below by Joem Bayawa of HULAGWAY.

Below: Arshan by Jim Mullin of Model NV.

Below: Arshan for Under Armour.

Below Arshan participating last fall in Fantasy Nights at Theatro.

-The White Towel- Part 2: By Hans Fahrmeyer

Today we continue the theme began last week, The White Towel. In these shots from Hans Fahrmeyer you will see some familiar faces, most of whom have been featured on FH in the past. Again I need to thank Hans for sharing his work with FH.

Hans on Daily Motion: