Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 23rd

Ace Thompson by ClearEye LLC
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Half Assed...

Christmas and the New Year can sometimes be a time to take a close look at our lives. Most people tend to follow the famous quote and see their life, like that glass, as being half empty or half full. Sometimes you don't really have to change anything to turn a half empty glass into one half full. Instead, sometimes simply changing how you choose to interrupt your life and what you have is more than enough. For much of this year, I have selfishly seen certain things in my life as half empty, and consequently, often put a half assed effort into certain tasks and relationships. After December 14th and Sandy Hook, it really is impossible not to see that same glass as brimming over with blessings. I hope I don't, I hope we don't, need any further reminders.


If your no lucky enough to live where winter is actually winter your missing out on one a guys best fashion accessories, the tuque!

The tuque, a knitted cap, originally of wool, is designed to warm one's head from the brutality of winter. Unlike other forms of clothing, tuques don't discriminate and look great on almost anyone regardless of height and weight and are especially fetching on those follically challenged guys who wear them way before, and way after, the season calls for them.

As you can see from the image right below, the two guys on the left are all ready for winter, with heads tuqued out for a long day in the snow. The two guys on the right however are just naked, waiting for flu or pneumonia to wreck any prospective winter fun activities!

Although some people like logo's or hockey teams on their tuques, my favorites are basic back or red. As you can see below, with just as simple red tuque your set for anything the season might bring on!

Glove & Balls: Ace Thompson by ClearEye LLC

You may be wondering why I am beginning this piece with a shot of Adam Levine's girlfriend Behati Prinsloo, let alone one in which she is sticking out her tongue. Bear with me for just a second and I think you will see the connection. For some reason when I was thinking of why I was so drawn to model Ace Thompson, shot by Ohio photographer Mason from ClearEye LLC, a brief moment with Behati seemed the easiest way to explain it.

A couple of weeks ago, CBS aired their annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show. (Video HERE:) It is usually not a program I pay much attention to. This year however, I decided to DVR due to musical performances by Bruno Mars and Rihanna. I replayed Rihanna's Diamonds and Bruno Mars's Locked Out Of Heaven more than a few times. There is something about the combination of great music, beautiful women and lingerie that was very erotic. With the exception of a couple of bony models, most of the women were incredibly hot. After awhile however, with model after model coming down the runway it became more difficult for each individual model to stand out from the rest. Then, during Bruno's Locked Out Of Heaven song, Pinsloo, as a witch representing Halloween, smiled and stuck her tongue out at the camera. For that split second, her willingness to be both goofy and silly made her the sexiest woman on the stage.

The first image of Ace in this post (also used as pic of the day), with Ace holding the ball glove and sporting a goofy face, was the first, and only image, I needed to see that I loved Ace and wanted to feature him on the blog. Like the Victoria Secret show, ModelMayhem and male portfolio sites are full of sexy photos of hot men. Sometimes however, when viewing a lot of images, they all start to run together, sometimes it is a goofy expression that makes a model, or an images stand apart from the pack.

Earlier this month I profiled Mason's work with model Jason Rafael. When I was going through ClearEye's portfolio while working on the piece, I saved the shot of Ace and wasted no time in asking Mason about featuring him when I finished. A big thank you to Mason for sharing his work with Ace with FH!

'Ace has been modeling since his teens, and his professionalism and experience are really apparent. He can depict a wide range of emotions in rapid fire succession. When we were working with props, I hardly had to give him any instruction. He would just pick something up and get creative. It was great!'
ClearEye LLC

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Just Because: Zayn Malik

I only really took notice of One Direction the past couple of months. With their North America media blitz in the fall, they were everywhere and hard to ignore. Initially, like many of you, I was all about Harry! (see my post HERE:)

But, as quickly as my crush on Harry developed it disappeared, dating Taylor Swift is a bit of a cock blocker, and a definite turn off. But then I started noticing 19 year old Zayn and whats not to love....

Talented, hot, wears Power Bottom t-shirts, goes shirtless at gay clubs, seems to enjoy staring at, and grabbing a hot guys behind and never seems to be able to get his belt to actually keep his pants up, all qualities I can get behind!