Sunday, September 20, 2009

James Michael Bobby in 'Cowboy Junction'

Caught a movie on the other night, 'Cowboy Junction' (2006) directed by Gregory Christian. Interesting movie about a man who picks up a cowboy on the side of the road and takes him home to stay with he and his wife. Of course, both husband and wife are infatuated with their house guest.

I did not love this flick, but it did hold my interest. James Michael Bobby certainly was a stand out from his first scene standing on the side of the road in his jeans and wife beater. (I HATE the word wife beater for so many reason, but if I said undershirt I would sound like an 80 year old dork. In actuality I am only a dork in his thirties...)

Some of you might know James from his roles in 'Eating Out 2' or 'The L Word'. This was the first time I took notice of James, and I can tell you under Gregory Christian's direction, you spend the first part of this movie thinking those jeans are never coming off, but just hoping that they do. James, along with his co-stars also keep you involved wondering exactly how the three characters are going to end up.

You can check out the official site for 'Cowboy Junction' HERE: You can check out James Michael Bobby's site HERE:

'Cowboy Junction'

Caps from 'Cowboy Junction' from PERHAPS! Thank you!

Pic Series Of The Day: Nick Wolanski by Ian F Burgess

I first profiled body builder and fitness model Nick Wolanski last year. You can check out that post HERE: Since then I have seen some great shots by Nick as his portfolio continues to grow.

Nick Says:

'I love shooting fitness pics as well but basically i am a free spirit and theres nothing i wont do if its gonna make some cool pics.'

This creativity certainly shines through in much of Nick's work, including his work with Ian F. Burgess. I love these shoots, especially the outdoor shots. Ian has captured Nick at his best and there is something about Nick's sculpted body along side the sculpted architecture that I love. Man made and God made, both equally beautiful!

Ian's motto for shooting is:

'The aim of art has always been to provoke discussion and debate and this collection of work looks at what is generally considered a taboo and much aligned area of art - the male nude!'

Great Job!

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 156 lbs
Measurements: 42-28-10
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Very Experienced

You can check out more of Ian's work at his Model Mayhem page HERE: and as well a post at DNA HERE: You can read more about Nick at Connex247 that features a great interview with him HERE:

Ok, this last pic of Nick is not by Ian. But, I had to add it. There is something sensual, erotic, beautiful and damned terrifying about it! Congrats to the photographer who put such beauty with such terror!

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 20th

A little of Christof for a cool Sunday!

Neil Patrick Harris: Break A Leg!

As a television fan I look forward each year to the EMMY AWARDS! Usually though I tape so I can watch it quickly later with the FF button. Tonight I think I will actually watch as Neil Patrick Harris is the host. Neil did a great job on this years Tony Awards and we can only hope he belts out a musical number tonight as well! Break A Leg Neil!

Kudos to Jane Lynch

I love it when an actor who has been around for awhile finally finds a role and show that pushes them to another level. Doris Roberts was around for decades as a character actress popping up on tv shows, movies and on stage without much acclaim until 'Everybody Loved Raymond'. Jane Lynch is next in line!

I am certainly now a proud Gleek, loving the show 'Glee'. The show is musical, moving and hilarious with enough teen drama to have me cringing with memories of my own days in high school. Jane Lynch is a stand out in the cast and she most certainly deserves all the attention she is getting!

Jane began like most successful actors, on the stage. She worked with Second City for years and many may remember her as a staple in the movies of Christopher Guest. If you look at Jane's IMDB page, her long list of credits seems to cover almost every tv show of the last two decades. Add in her impressive movie credits, including this years 'Julie and Julia' and you have quite the impressive list! None of these shows have given Jane the attention she so richly deserves. Kudos Jane! Given it is Emmy Night I could not help but thinking a year from now you will be amongst the list of nominee's.

Favorite Clicks: September 20th

This past week, 3 favorites of mine have been getting some web attention. Be sure to check out the links below for more!

I have posted a few times on the AMAZING Guy Tang over the past several months. Guy is one of the most dramatic and edgy models I have seen in a long time and he pushes the limits with his work with spectacular results. DNA took notice and Guy has been featured twice in the past week. Check out Guy on DNA HERE: Also be sure to vote for Guy as Mate of the Month HERE:

Above: Guy's most recent shoot with Don this past August shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All shots of Guy featured here by Don Pollard. Don is not only my favorite photographer who has worked with Guy, he is also a truly wonderful man who is very giving with his time and work. Check out Don's site HERE:

Rupert Friend in Cheri!

The best capper out there, Casperfan has the first look at Rupert Friend in 'Cheri'. I am looking forward to seeing Cheri not only for Rupert but I love almost anything Michelle Pfeiffer does. Check out Casperfan's site HERE:

STADE 2010:

Those Rugby God's are back for the Stade 2010 Calendar, and the amazing shots by Tony Duran are starting to pop up all over the place. I found many great ones on my favorite site Dreamcaps.