Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 15th

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Monumental Movie Moments: Blue Velvet

'The discovery of a severed human ear found in a field leads a young man on an investigation related to a beautiful, mysterious nightclub singer and a group of psychopathic criminals who have kidnapped her child.'

I was still a kid when Blue Velvet was released, so I didn't see it in the theatres.  It was quite a few years after it's 1986 release, that I saw bits and pieces of the film when my older brother rented it on VHS.  The bits and pieces I remember most belonged to actor Kyle MacLachlan. Blue Velvet was my introduction to the up and coming actor.  It was also my introduction to Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper and director David Lynch.  The only actor in the film I was familiar with was Laura Dern.  I first saw Dern a few years earlier in Mask.

For Jeffrey, the road from overgrown Boy Scout to in-over-his-head amateur sleuth starts with the discovery of a severed ear in a vacant lot near his home. 

There was a pattern in my house when it came to my enjoying male nudity in the videos our family rented.  I'd watch and notice it in a first viewing with my family.  During these viewing, I worked hard during those viewing to pretend that I didn't notice or care. Then after, I'd find a quiet moment later that evening, or sometimes he next day, to watch again, this time alone. I don't how many movies I did this with, but do remember both the thrill I felt, and the constant fear of being caught. 

With Blue Velvet, I didn't really watch the film in it's entirety.   My brother was watching with a friend, and I remember coming in and out.  The movies 'creepy' factor scared me, and although I think I was drawn to the films mood, I was still young enough to worry about nightmares if I watched the whole thing...  Thankfully, I was in the room for part of the classic scene featuring MacLachlan and Rossellini. Check it out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Kyle and a few shots from the 'behind footage' from the Blu-ray 39th Anniversary release

Anthony: For the World to See

'I love having my naked body posted for the world to see.'

When it comes to modeling nude, it helps to have an attitude like Anthony's.  Although 'reluctance' can certainly be erotic, when a model enjoys being naked, and enjoys being looked at, there can be an added level of artistic freedom and creativity.  That feeling of erotic freedom is exactly what first drew me to Anthony's imagery.

The Las Vegas based model first stepped in front of the camera when he was 19, and shares that he's never had any reservations about shooting nude, or with erotic scenes.  Anthony says he's actually most comfortable with shoot requiring little to no clothing. 

As FH readers know, it's usually one specific image that draws to me to an artist or model and inspires me to get in touch.  With Anthony, it was the image below.  I love everything about the shot, from the angle, the pose and the incredible background.  I especially loved Anthony's jeans laying on the ground in the foreground.  For me, the image to Anthony's love of being naked, especially when outside near his home in Nevada.  You can almost imagine Antony's anticipation as he got closer to his destination, and his sense of freedom when he was finally arrived and was able to rip off his clothes and be one with his surrounding.

Anthony on:

Shooting Outside: 
I love shooting outdoors and the only problem I had was weather related. I did a shoot in a ghost town and the temp was 33 degrees which was fine, but once the wind kicked up I was frozen solid but still did the shoot; bare ass and all lol

Favorite Experience So Far:
My favorite experience so far in front of the camera was shooting with a female model who had never pegged a guy so she was super excited; the energy of that shoot was amazing.

'Modeling gives me a sense of freedom, to shed the confines of clothes.  I've always been comfortable with my body and I love being nude; nude beaches, hiking and swinger events and resorts.  I love shooting solo, but also working with other. I've received plenty of love on my shots and most of the compliments are on my ass and abs. lol'

An Autumn Afternoon in Sag Harbour

'He has a pretty penis.'

FH readers know I love featuring nude male models, art nude models, and reality hunks.  So... when they all came together on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New York, I had to check it out.  I'm a few weeks behind I know, most of you enjoyed nude model Kurt a few weeks ago, but when it comes to the stunning Kurt, late is definitely better than never.

Kurt poses for the ladies last fall on what looked like a chilly Autumn day in Sag Harbour.  The women's reactions were all what you'd expect, but given how crazy they can get, I think Kurt, and his incredible body, actually had them a little quieter than usual.  It's no wonder, I was crushing over Kurt before Sonya even had the chance to pull off the wrap around his waist. 

Kurt at work

Kurt not only had a great body, but a beautiful smile, something he also showed off while posing.  Kurt appeared professional and relaxed due to his vast experience with nude modeling and posing. Kurt tells Vulture that he's probably done close to 2500 nude modeling jobs.  Many of those jobs were for The Artful Bachelorette, where's Kurt's both a favorite and muse of many. 

'An erection demands action, and if the action isn’t appropriate, which it is not in this circumstance, the erection is unwelcome. What is more interesting to me is, over the course of an hour or two hours of building people up with sexual potential energy, without being a sexual threat, taking people up to that line is what I enjoy. Sometimes people try to elicit it, and I have a no-touching policy. They try to snake-charm you with their eyes, and it’s fun to be put to the test.'


'It was definitely not flaccid, I mean it was a nice inbetweenie.... weenie.'

'I think Heather [“Holla” Thomson] was doing really beautiful stuff. She has a good hand. Nicole and Victoria, they have art skills. Eboni did some good stuff. Leah and Ramona bailed. That is natural, for people to bow out. It’s usually because they’re holding onto something.'