Saturday, July 19, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 19th

Brian by Nathan Scott
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Happy Birthday today July 19th

Those eyes, that hair!
One of the most beautiful faces ever to grace a television screen
Happy 59th Mr. Barton!

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Just Because: Safety First!

Hey Buddy, eyes on the road, EYES ON THE ROAD!

Rob Wilson: Come On Down!!!

Back in 2012, The Price Is Right began searching for their first permanent male model, After the open call for auditions , 24 year old Massachusetts model Rob Wilson beat out over 20 other hopefuls to became one of the final three choices. Viewers then got to vote and their choice was clear, Rob and his incredible ads would now be regular parts of all the showcase showdowns!

Wilson left the role a year and a half later after getting small roles on television and in movies, including a regular role on the short lived re-boot of All My Children. Since May of this year, Wilson took over the role of Ben (previously played by another model, Justin Gaston) on NBC's Days Of Our Lives. Wilson sure is purdy, but the jury is still out on the depth of acting skills. So far it is iffy, but in all fairness he hasn't been much to do thus far other than to growl at anyone bothering his sister and crush.

One thing Rob can do is intimidate the hell out of any other male actor on the show expected to be shirtless in the same scene that he is in. I am not sure whether they had their own lighting and make-up crew but on the shows 4th of July episode, his Abs stole each and ever scene he was in. It was hard to focus on anything really as Robs abs glistened and flexed in the July sun (January Studio Lighting). There is a sweetness and earnestness about the young actor however that has me hoping there are many shirtless days left to his life on the show.

A Double Dose of Ben

Days of our Lives fans know that models Michael Gaston and Robert Scott Wilson have both taken on the role of Ben, a character both damaged but soft spoken, and eventual psychotic serial killer. I featured both model turned actors on FH, and love this new series from Christopher Malcolm for Wilhelmina LA. Check out more on Christopher's Instagram HERE:

Playing The Field: Brian by Nathan Scott

'We discovered while we were setting up lighting for another shot, that Brian could blow and make crazy shapes out of smoke from his ecig. So, with that new knowledge, I really wanted to play around with smoke and blowing rings and what would it look like coming off of the ball.'

I am excited to again share the work of one of one my favorite new artists. When I first dived into the portfolio of Dallas photographer Nathan Scott, his work with Brian was near the top of my list of shoots that I wanted to feature on the blog. I love Nathan's images of 6' 1" Forth Worth model, in particular his shots of Brian lounging on his couch near the bottom of this piece.

Brian has a such a elegantly shaped face, handsome and highlighted by his gorgeous, yet serious and intense hazel eyes. Brian also has such clear and flawless skin which photographs beautifully contrasting magnificently with the athletic gear and the brief bits of fashion used within the shoot.

The shoot took place at Brian's home and and a baseball field near by. Nathan reports that it was a rainy morning which initially messed up some of their plans for shooting outdoors. With a few few minor changes to the plans, they found a way to work around weather. 'I love natural light photography so with the shots on the couch it is nothing but ambient light.'

'Brian was a lot of fun to work with and totally awesome when shooting. The shots outdoors in the jockstraps we took after we had snuck into a baseball field to get the athletic wear shots. Brian was really cool about it, because he was wearing a jockstrap which has no covering on the butt. So he is posing with his ass out to the world, in the shots with the baseball and basketball jersey'

If you haven't yet check out Nathan's new magazine Pastiche, be sure to check out the link on the side of the blog. The magazine, available in both digital and print editions, includes many of Nathan's images as well as contributions from other artists and photographers. The first issue was released on July 4th with a vibrant tribute to the Red White & Blue!

Nathan Scott on FH: