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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 7th


Happy Birthday today April 7th to:

Happy Birthday to Jackie Chan who turns 57 today!

Happy Birthday today also to Duncan James, Sergio Peris-Mencheta & Russell Crowe.

Congratulations Mariska Hargitay!

Photo by Brian Winckler

One of my favorite women!

Dressed To Kilt 2011

Actor Chris Noth and his co-stars, Brian Cox, Jim Gaffigan, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland from That Championship Season, the Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama show what is under thier kilts at the 2011 Dressed to Kilt Fashion show held last night in New York.

Flirting With Danger: Quinn Danger by Marlen Boro

The Gentlemen Of Marlen Boro
-Quinn Danger-

Since stories seem to be the theme this week on FH it is timely that this weeks Gentlemen With Marlen Boro focuses on a story I love to explore, beginnings. Often when I profile actors and models the Columbo in me wants to know how they got started, what was their first break and what were they going through emotionally during those beginning stages.

One of the things I like best about working on regular features with photographer Marlen Boro is that he humours the detective in me and answers all my annoying questions. Marlen also frequently works with models multiple times and during this process works creatively to make each shoot different, exploring new looks and pushing boundaries.

21 year old Minneapolis student Quinn Danger has worked with Marlen a number of times. I first profiled Quinn's work with Marlen in January (Quinn Danger by Marlen Boro). During a recent shoot Quinn wanted to take a risk and push the boundaries a bit. Quinn had helped me with my first profile on his work with Marlen so this time I asked if I might go a bit further. Besides my standard 'favorite' questions, which I love to use to get to know a subject, I asked a series of questions about beginnings. How it all got started and where and what he hopes it leads to. And, with these hot new shots from his recent shoot with Marlen, what it was like getting naked for the camera for the first time.

Quinn Danger
A Few Of His Favorite Things:

Nickname you were every given:
HE-MAN given to me by my rugby team mates based off of my physique and the long ass hair I had my freshman year of college

Pet you had as a kid:
A straight tie between my flat coat retriever Jack, and my fat ass cat I got when I was around 2-3 who lived until my freshman year in college

Definitely a pure bred white Arabian horse

I don't really get into your typical sports like baseball or American football, but I am totally into extreme sports. I used to race motocross, I snowmobile religiously, I snowboard, and as of late I have been really getting into mountain biking for the rush and exercise

Tv show:
Fantasy Factory or Nitro Circus I'm a total adrenaline junky

Tv show you watch but are embarrassed to admit:
Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant

Pineapple Express, I love the stoner humor. I used to have that movie on constant repeat in my dorm room my freshman year lol

Megan Fox, basically because she is stunningly beautiful and seems intelligent

Johnny Depp. He has it all looks, intelligence, great sense of humor, and can play nearly any role

Cartoon Character:
Popeye, the man is crazy yoked in his old age and eats like a champ!

Halloween costume you wore as a kid?
Ok so as a kid I had this crazy obsession with becoming an astronaut, so one year I decided to be a dead astronaut. My mom made me this kick ass space suit with a globe like helmet that had a fake meteor smashed into... that was by far the best costume.

Its hard for me to choose one fav singer since I am way into music but I would have to say either Jim Morrison from the doors, or M. Shadows (Matt Sanders) of Avenged Sevenfold

Honey BBQ bone in wings

I am an absolute sucker for micro brews when I'm drinking with my bros, a nice tall New Castle or Guinness to start off the night, and whiskey sours are my ultimate weakness

Modeling photo of you:
My favorite modeling picture thus far is a picture of me laying on a leather couch like a boss dabbling on my guitar with a ratty old cig hanging out of my mouth. (Check out that shot by Marlen Boro HERE:)

Definitely Marlen Boro the guy is an absolute blast to shoot with, very professional, helpful, intelligent, and extremely talented. I wouldn't be as far as I am without him and his amazing work

Subject in School:
I am a nerd to speak lightly, I love physics, chemistry, and biology especially anatomy

Celebrity you think you most look like:
I have been told at least twice a month that I look just like Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central's Tosh.0, and when I'm warmed up I think I act just like him.

First Celebrity Crush:
Hilary Duff, she was and still is an absolute goddess!!!

Moment in High School:
Either my first game playing varsity football, or when I finally got the guts up to talk to this girl I had a crazy crush on all throughout my school years and she ended up being just as interested in me!

FH: When did you first decide to try your hand at modeling? Were you scouted at all or encouraged by another?

My first modeling experience was before I can remember it was a casting call for children. But more recently I decided to act on the encouragement from my family and friends. They were always telling me I look like I came straight out of A&F. My grandmother (God rest her soul) was always my best fan, she always tried getting me out of my shell, and was always telling me how handsome I was and telling her friends the same. I wouldn't be where I am without her. The start of my current career was long and drug out. I was initially told by a family friend that is into modeling herself, that I should give it a try. So after battling my lack of confidence at the time I set up a shoot and I was on my way. I was not scouted really and still haven't had any offers with regards to representation but I know it will come soon.

FH: What was the first thing you did to get started?

The first thing I did to get started was to get my portfolio started with a reputable photographer Julian Murray. Then I started sending my photos out and set up an MM account.

FH: Can you take me through what your first shoot was like?

My first shoot was very awkward. I had no fucking idea what to do, I had zero experience in front of a camera besides family photos and half hammered shenannigan pictures from nights out. Its not like I had a "Steel Magnum" like Zoolander practiced out. I just brought a bunch of random clothes from home that I thought I looked good in. We shot indoors using alot of lighting, and when I got the proofs back I was like damn I might be able to actually do this!! Although there were proofs that I saw and was like damn I am one ugly SOB hahaha

FH: I would guess being on MM means you get your fair share of strange contacts and offers. Any funny offers or stories?

Oh man oh man I have a list of funny offers, especially coming from a common Midwestern farm raised family, I hadn't been exposed to a whole lot. I have had offers to do porn both straight and gay. The strangest one has happened on a couple of occasions, some dude has asked me a few times to come to his hotel for a "project" which always ends up being a project consisting of me stripping for him and I think his friends. I have declined every time lol.

FH: Your look is sort of good guy/all American. Do you like to shake this up a bit in your work?

I am for the most part good guy American boy, but I definitely have my dirty and wild side. I love to try to be as deviantly sexy as possible, trying to give that raw sex appeal. I like to think of my past intimate moments along with my crazy nights to try to motivate myself to be more down right raw and nasty. My personality is too based on humor and fun so I really have to concentrate on my hormones to get down if you catch my drift.

FH: Doing a shoot nude or semi nude seems to be something most models have to decide at one point whether they are going to do. Was this a difficult decision and what factors came into play?

I love to be naked, if I didn't live with 4 other grown dudes I would hang out with my wang out, and rock out with my cock out all day every day. It did take a lot of thought to go as risque as I have, the main factor in my contemplations have been my Midwest morals, and my masculinity (like thinking damn if my buddies got a hold of these shots I would never hear the end of it). But I decided to say fuck that and decided I was going to live for me not any insecure overly masculine dude.

FH: Despite challenging your boundaries, you seemed to have had a lot of fun with your most recent shoot with Marlen (featured in this post). You appeared very comfortable in front of the camera. Was this the case or were the nerves just well hidden?

I was nervous on the drive there but when I got there I was like well damn this is going to be awesome. Very few nerves were present, I figure if I'm ever going to go into the upper leagues of modeling I have to show that I am comfortable with my body, in front of a camera, and willing to try new things.

FH: Do you have a dream shoot in your mind, or a look you hope to have photographed one day?

I would love to do a couples underwear or swimwear shoot for some high fashion company on the beach. I would also like to do a shoot with my cousin (who is scruffy version of me) where we are drinking casually maybe tokin some sweet sensi and jamming him on the guitar (he can really shred), and me rocking out my drum set.

FH: If you ever got a magazine cover, what magazine would best represent who you.

I would have to say the magazine that would best represent me would be Men's Health, or Forbes because I am constantly working on some entrepreneurial project trying to become a self made man!

FH: Where are you hoping your modeling will eventually take you, money, fame, acting or something else.

I would love my modeling to bring me fame and fortune. My main motivation is to at least pay my way through the rest of my bachelors degree, and chiropractic school. I wouldn't mind doing some acting but I just don't know if I'm cut out for it... but who the hell knows what could happen lol. I would love to be an absolute sex icon around the Nation or even globe, that would be ultimately ideal.

For some reason...I suspect after this very hot shoot Quinn will getting even more offers for projects...

Thanks to Quinn for letting FH be apart of some of his beginnings! Check out Quinn on MM HERE:

I want to give Marlen Boro some extra kudos this week. There were SO many shots of Quinn I wanted to include in the feature (many I could not fit in) I had him editing like mad this week! Thanks Marlen for your talent, time and genourousity! Marlen's site also got an upgrade this week so if you had any trouble with seeing shots or the slideshows, head on back now!

Marlen Boro Official Site:
Marlen Boro On Facebook:

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 6th

Tomorrow...a little Danger comes this way.

Happy Birthday today April 6th to:

Actor Miguel Angel Silvestre turns 29 today. Check out my 2008 profile of Miguel HERE:

Check out last years birthday post for April 6th featuring Joel West, Paul Rudd, Bret Harrison & Zach Braff HERE:

A Cautionary Tale: The Outsiders

Although I preferred S.E. Hinton's novel over the movie, 1983's The Outsiders is beloved by many. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the movie featured a cast of up and coming young actors many of whom went on to become huge stars. Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon.

There comes a point in every young actor's (or actress') career when you must make the decision whether or not to drop trou for a role. Many of our greatest actors (Streep, Winslet, De Niro, Brando) have chosen to do nude scenes on film. With The Outsiders, one actor did not. I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not but it seems in the case of the movies cast, showing a little skin could be in some ways be connected to success.

The one hold out may not agree...

Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

Rob Lowe in Young Blood

Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

Emilio Estevez in Young Guns

Matt Dillon in Factotum

C. Thomas Howell in To Serve And Protect


Ralph Macchio on Dancing With The Stars